How to build a garage in the country?

the garage at the cottage built

Before you decide what to build a garage in the country, let’s consider one option better than the other.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Garages can be divided according to the principle:

  • Separately, there is an independent structure);
  • Built-in ( usually located under living spaces);
  • Added (has a common wall with the house).

Detached garage at the cottage, will save you from harmful petrol fumes and other unpleasant odors.

When servicing a vehicle, other sounds will not interfere with your family, enjoy countryside recreation, is a plus.

The disadvantages are: the final heating to the house, electric wiring, water supply, sink and entrance to the garage, all this requires additional investment.

Detached garage at the cottage, the construction is costly, moreover, will reduce usable area.

In bad weather, to get to the garage have to go down the street.

In this regard, a garage is certainly more convenient, do not have to go outside to get to it, saves the area in the suburban area (handy if acres and so not enough), saving the budget during construction.

To carry out communication easier and cheaper. House and garage have a total heating. On the other hand to heat it, as well as the dwelling, makes no sense, and unprofitable.

But if not heat, then the temperature drop at the walls and ceiling may cause condensation that will affect the building as a whole (will need a powerful fan).

No matter how you tried, the smell of gasoline, oil and diesel fuel., will still be present. The garage is dangerous in terms of explosion and fire, the damage can be done to the building.

The attached garage is in the middle between separate and integrated,

the garage at the cottage attached

which combines the advantages and disadvantages of the previous one.

On the one hand, this garage at the cottage takes extra space, but has a common Foundation with the house.

Heating in the garage can be a standalone or shared and will have no influence on each other.

Various noises will be heard, and odors will not be present in the house, although the risk of fire and injury around the house stored.

For convenience, you can make two different entrances from the house and from the street.

If you perform all of the foregoing, each kind of garage in a country area has its own disadvantages and advantages.

And every grower, matching your capabilities and your desires, choose the only suitable option.

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