How to build a garage at the cottage with his own hands

how to build a garage at the cottage with his own hands

As a rule, modern vacationers go to suburban areas in vehicles.

To buy a cottage without having a vehicle is expensive and troublesome transportation of crops on public transport pleasure will not bring anyone.

The more is always that you need to be on your favorite country, or withdraw.

For this reason, one of the main country houses with a garage. It will protect the car from rain, scorching sun and so on.

It can be converted into a workshop for minor works associated with the repair of equipment. In order to save money, it is possible to build a garage at the cottage with his own hands.

Considered three options: built-in to the house attached to the house and a detached garage.

Option built-in inside the house the garage is only considered at the beginning of the construction and arrangement of the site. Build it with your own hands is not so easy, for this you need experience, otherwise you can face several problems related to the smell of gasoline in the house, the lack of sound — and waterproofing, and a number of other problems.

In General, built-in garage at the cottage the most economical option does not require additional territory in the winter the machine can be kept warm, and to get him to go outside is not necessary.

Attach a garden house to the garage at the cottage with their hands much easier. One wall you already have. Supply wiring, heating and water, also not make too much difficulty.

Freestanding building more costly in comparison with the previous two. Need additional pipes, electrical wires, furnace for heating.

But, nevertheless, for some reason, this kind of garage sites the most common. Building erected of brick, concrete, metal and so on. Because to build a detached garage at the cottage with his own hands, we will look at in more detail.

The best option to build a garage right at the entrance, in this case save, will not need to lay additional sidings, occupying valuable space.

Materials to bring to the store also will be easier, and if you place the building on one level with a fence, then a gate in the fence no longer needed will be enough wickets. The entrance directly from the street.

If the place identified, it is time to proceed to the main point — the construction of the Foundation. During the construction of the garage at the cottage with their hands can use a tape or pier Foundation.

If you are planning the construction of concrete, brick, cinder block is better suited tape. Iron, timber garage will be fine to stand on the pier Foundation.

The best option for construction of a garage, are bricks, concrete blocks, cinder blocks, etc. The structures of these materials are reliable and durable, especially if the walls and a half brick.

The height of the walls each defines individually, depending on the brand of car and comfortable stay in people.

Particular attention during the garage construction with your own hands, you need to pay the roof. It must be reliably protected from moisture and rain. Water should not stagnate on it, so you need to plan a bias.

In the first phase of construction set wooden frame and securely fasten it with nails. The top of the frame lay the Board as close as possible to the cracks was minimal.

The second stage involves the installation of the roof. For this purpose, slate, shingles or roofing material. As additional insulation, the roof inside the garage can be sheathed with foam.

As the floor under the car needs to be strong enough in the construction of the garage is better to use concrete, which is poured on a sand pillow under the bias of 3-4° in the direction of the exit.

Pouring a concrete floor is carried out in two stages. First, fill the first layer with thickness of 10cm, after 2 weeks it is necessary to carry out the waterproofing. On a floor spread a roofing material in 2-3 layers, stacked on top of the reinforcing steel mesh and poured another layer of concrete 10cm.

At the final stage of construction of the garage at the cottage, set the gates. They should be as strong, so in this case not to save and to hang swing gates of metal. With sufficient financial capacity are available automatic garage doors on the control panel.

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