How to build a cellar under the house in the country

To grow a good crop in the country, is half the battle, it still can be.

The best place for food storage there is a cellar. It can be a street, under the garage or any other structure, but it is best to have the cellar under the house in the country.

It is very convenient, my family often in the winter come in suburban area to relax, go to sauna and barbequing, and on the way back, bringing home vegetables, and preparations for the winter.

Now, go down to the cellar of the house much easier than to dig it on the street.

Cellar under the house called the basement, which depending on weather conditions, terrain can be placed at different depths.

More than 2 meters in Siberia (usually in the depth of the Foundation). More than 50% of its height below ground level, and a large part of the cellar is arranged above the surface of the earth.

The last two options are called basement. The area generally does not exceed 8 sq. m.

The entrance to this facility is via a hatch. The door is made of insulated construction boards.

The construction of a cellar under the house plan at the beginning of the build, along with giving, considering ventilation, thermal insulation and waterproofing.

In the case if the country house is already built, you can arrange cellar, rubbed it to one of the walls, then after making a hole and installing the door, you can go for potatoes, carrots and other vegetables from home.

As I was building a cellar


A country station I bought without vegetable store. So how to arrange a cellar under the house, the challenge for me was almost not feasible, I decided to dig it up near one wall and make an addition.

Such a structure is called «cellar Pogrebite», by the way, earlier, they were very popular in the villages. The only difference is that the entrance was from the street and from my house.

This cellar consists of two parts: one is located at a depth of 2.5 meters, and the second on the surface. I’m not an artist, but a rough sketch attached.

how to build a cellar under the house

The task of Pogrebite – protection of the main basement from freezing, rain and overheating in the summer. I use it for temporary storage of vegetables and tools.

Dug a pit, the bottom lined, gravel poured and stamped, turned the layer 12cm. On the floor laid the roofing material and on top put a reinforced metal grid and filled with concrete with thickness of 10cm. Walls also built of reinforced concrete.

Between the walls of the cellar and the ground made clay castle made of several layers of clay with compaction. Wall before it was plastered with bitumen. As ceiling insulation used expanded clay.

The ceiling for strength also concreted. Do not forget to include a hole under the pipe for ventilation. Luke came out the size 70h70sm well enough, stairs are wooden. Pogrebite were built of brick by analogy with barn.

So pretty is not difficult, you can arrange cellar in the country, and almost under the house. After reading the article, most likely you will have your own ideas, and maybe even better than mine, and leave comments, share your experiences, I will be very happy and grateful.

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