How is the waterproofing of the Foundation, basement, pool


pool waterproofing

Water is the life of man.

It is impossible to imagine our existence without water.

But many man-made inventions of man water is one of the worst enemies. For example, for buildings.

The erosion of the Foundation that occurs when water enters the basement, leads to terrible consequences.

That is why it is so important waterproofing of basements and Foundation. This work requires special care, because these facilities are underground and exposed to moisture both from the usual damp and ingress of water. Basement waterproofing is usually held in two stages.

Waterproofing – the assessment of the premises and previous work

If needed, is drainage of the basement, clean surface on which to apply the mixture, from dirt and dust, and moisture, since moisture in the room should be.

To facilitate and improve the condition of the basement, you can resort to using the primer.


The second stage of the waterproofing of the room

First, all components are mixed together: liquid water (in the ratio 1:1), then thereto are added dry cells.

The coating is carried out in two coats, the second applied after the first after about 4-6 hours. And in a day it is possible to do external repair work!

There are two ways of waterproofing basements: horizontal and vertical. The choice of a particular method is primarily due to the way moisture in the room.

First of all, it is the groundwater level, moisture content material of the Foundation and its physical condition.

Penetrating waterproofing creates on the surface a water-repellent layer, which persists for the entire period of operation.

She perfectly strengthens the concrete structure and isolates it from water, making this method ideal for surfaces that have to constantly face the water. Such as swimming pools.

The ability of the pool to the waterproofing depends on its strength and durability. Neglect of waterproofing the pool can lead to serious accidents and threaten the health of bathing people.

Materials, which you can use to make the waterproofing of the pool are numerous:

  • high-density polyethylene film;
  • waterproofing of getting action;
  • bentonite mats;
  • liquid rubber;
  • polymerizing of the impregnating substance.

Pool waterproofing, as well as the basement, is divided into two stages: external and internal. External involves the protection of structures from groundwater, while the inner prevents the flow of the pool.

Protection of groundwater occurs when using concrete grade not lower than W6. To help with interior decoration will help roll insulation, PVC films or the use of asphalt mastic.

At the moment in the world there are many ways of waterproofing, from painting to the injection, and they are all aimed at protecting our buildings from the water.

You cannot ignore such a large number of possibilities as basement waterproofing and swimming pool is an important process to protect your home.

Better to be safe and not take risks when talking about your safety and the safety of your property.

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