How do you know that a watermelon is ripe?


Many do not know, but, according to experts, watermelons are divided, relatively speaking, by gender.

There are «boys» and «girls». Who is who, you know, when you cut the watermelon.

Those that are sweeter and contain less seed is «girls».

Also other professionals say that it’s all fiction, in fact watermelon is a hermaphrodite.

Us ordinary gardeners, these disputes are of little interest to, most importantly, we know the watermelon is ripe or not.

Gardeners – fans who grow these great berries at their dachas for a long time know how to determine ripeness. Below these signs.

Watermelon is ripe when:

  • A good ripe watermelon, usually of regular shape, i.e., has a slightly elongated shape of the ball.
  • The fruit should be small, better than average around 8-12kg. Small usually not very sweet. If you choose a watermelon at the market, large specimens, more than 12kg., do not take, they may contain large amounts of harmful nitrates.
  • Also on the ripeness of a melon indicates, the tail. In the ripe and sweet, dried. On the shelves are such that appear after mid-August. If the tail is greenish and had not been dried, then removed it not ripened.

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  • The crust should not have damage (dents, cracks, stains). A watermelon, even if ripe, it loses its taste. Might get sour.
  • And the last symptom, it is well-known knock on the watermelon. The sound of a ripe watermelon, clear, like crisp. A dull sound indicates that the fruit is limp and stale. Besides, you have violated the conditions of storage.

By the way watermelons can be stored for a long time. Do it are watermelons without external

the watermelon is ripe

damage, and no yellow spots on the side, or make it as small as possible. Weight about 7kg.

Put it in the net and hung in a dark place with a temperature above +5C. Watermelon should not come into contact with a wall or something else.

If stored properly, eat watermelon will be for the new year.

If anyone is still interested in half a watermelon, then it is determined on the ass. The watermelon «girls» it is more flat and large spot, and the «boys» there is a deepening inside, and goes into a small point.

After chose the ripe watermelon, the time cook features a cocktail called the «drunken watermelon».

Cut the watermelon a round hole the size of a bottleneck, and a depth of approximately 7cm. the bottle of vodka, turn it over and insert the neck into the hole.

See that the depth was sufficient and the contents are not poured out. Wait until all absorbed.

Are clogging the hole and put in the refrigerator at least 1 hour.

At the end of the watermelon cocktail is ready, it remains to slice. The watermelon should be ripe.

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