How and when to spray the trees in the country

How and when to spray the trees in the country

Almost every gardener sooner or later asks himself the question how and when to spray the trees in the garden at the cottage.

Of course working in his orchard and caring for the trees, I would like to get gratitude for their work in the form of a good harvest.

But if you do not deal with diseases of fruit trees and their pests, the fruits will be affected, and your efforts will be in vain.

Concern about the safety of the future harvest and the fruit of the garden begins in early spring throughout the summer and until late autumn.

One of the types of care for trees and shrubs, – spraying them. This procedure helps the growers to get rid of many pests: caterpillars, ringed silkworm, aphids, blossom weevil, scab, aporia Crataegi, powdery mildew etc.

When to spray the trees

The trees in the garden at the cottage and the bushes sprayed at least three times per season: early spring treatment is carried out against pests, many of which had survived the winter, the second during the emergence of leaves of destruction the awakening of pests, and a third after flowering, again from pests.

Although ideally trees should be sprayed 2 times a month, because the average amount of time the solution is valid, unless it rains.

But we should not forget that the spraying of fruit trees and shrubs should cease 3 weeks before harvest, in General chemistry is better not to apply, in a Mature fruit.

Shrubs it is advisable to spray less, for example, raspberries, which appeared the ovary, generally sprayed. To spray trees and shrubs in a dry and preferably in calm weather, in the evening.

How to spray the trees

To prepare for spraying the barrel is cleaned with a brush of moss and lichens. This operation helps the formation of young shoots and useful for the overall recovery and growth of the tree.

Spray can as a manual device and automated sprayer. Spray the entire tree right to the top of the head.

For proper spraying of trees in the country, so that went fine dew, the tip of the sprayer should be kept at a distance of 75 cm from the leaves and other parts of the tree.

Stream from the apparatus is directed to the center of each large branches to achieve the maximum effect of treatment.

Also it would be nice if the neighbors in the country, also undertook the processing of your trees and shrubs. In this case, your efficiency will increase several times.

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