Hosta planting and care

Hosta planting and care

The host is an excellent and indispensable shrub for the decoration of landscape design.

In any designer’s host will find its place and will be a great addition.

Khost has a specificity for a small period of time to grow, and its volume leaves depending on variety have all kinds of color and shape.

Shrub refers to unpretentious, heat-resistant and cold-resistant plants. But the plant was pleased with its unique green cap, must be properly sited hosts.


First we need to think about allocation of places. The plant does not require annual transplant more than two decades. That is why the place should carefully consider, in order not to disturb the host.

So, the ideal site will be light partial shade, but protected from drafts. But it should be said that the motley leaves, the greater must be the light. If the grade is blue, then landing hosts running in the shadows. And yet, excessive shade slows the growth of plants, but the leaves will be large and the Bush is high.

To grow the host is possible by seed, cuttings and division of the Bush. But in the first case the plant grows very long, and decorativeness can be obtained only in a few years.

Fit hosts should be performed in the spring only after the end of the freeze. Most often, this time falls on the last days of April, beginning of may.

The plant is placed with an interval from 30 to 60 cm, due to the variety variety. Sockets are placed at the same depth at which they grew before. Young sprouts watered and sprinkle around with mulch.

Care hosts

Like any flowers, Hosta has its own characteristics that must be considered with care.

Feeding hostsIf the plants are planted in the fertile land, the next few years, fertilizing is not needed. But most often the soil is not fertilized, therefore fertilizing must be humus. Don’t overuse fertilizers.

If necessary, granules are spread near colors, but only after a good watering or rain. As for liquid fertilizer, they make not much, so the plant has time to prepare for the winter period.

WateringPlanting hosts, and further care should be accompanied by abundant watering. It is especially true for young plants. Carry out watering early in the morning, but not on the leaves, as they can fade, and under a Bush.

If the leaf edges start to darken, then it is a signal that the plant needs moisture. Cultivation is necessary only at first. Then the host will look more carefully, and it will not interfere with the weeds.

Disease hostPlant can affect fillettes, which can be seen on the leaf surface in the form of yellowish or brown spots. In some cases, the appearance of fungal diseases, flowers dug up and burned. The area where the growing host is disinfected.

One of the main pest is the slug. His «adventures» you can see the large holes on the leaves.

Hosta planting and care

The fight boils down to the fact that near the plant put a bait with beer. The next day you can collect these pests and to destroy.

From caterpillars and beetles flowers save with insecticides. If this is not done, they eats the leaves and will leave a huge hole.

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