Horseradish growing in the garden


Horseradish roots are very deep under the ground.

Upstairs are wide large leaves.

Sometimes the height of hell can exceed one meter.

On a straight branchy stalk are white small flowers. Fuck good breeds and in many places is growing uncontrollably.

As a spice in horseradish used everything except the inflorescences. The leaves are mostly Packed in jars or tubs for pickling, preserving and pickling vegetables.

But the root rubbed on a grater, add to the color of beet juice and served with meat. The taste of the dish turns sharp and the product is useful, because a hell lot of vitamins.

Medicinal properties of horseradish have been known even to our ancestors. In particular it was used against scurvy.

Gout is the scourge of our time rheumatism is also treated with horseradish. And about Qatar and say nothing! Very helpful.

If you have a festered wound, it will help the paste of horseradish, pleurisy and sciatica cure infusion this medicinal plant.

And it helps to do allyl mustard oil contained in it. The amount of vitamin C in horseradish are much higher than in fruits of citrus and juice are antibiotics and carbohydrates.

Particularly successful is the cultivation of horseradish on sandy loam and loam lands, where especially a lot of humus.

The root here grows a fleshy and juicy. Excess moisture he can’t stand, but can easily be adapted to a small cold.

When the shoots are still young, they are no problem to tolerate spring frosts and long roots not freeze even at forty degrees below zero. Of course, like most plants, horseradish loves the sun.

But in the shadows it grows well, especially in dry summers. Horseradish is propagated for cultivation by cuttings from the roots, as its flowers are, alas, sterile.

For planting, you should choose annual young roots and lateral roots. Cuts roots are usually planted not less than thirty inches in length and a half in diameter.

The lower section of the execute method «diagonally», so you do not confuse the top to the bottom.

horseradish root

Planting horseradish should be undertaken in spring or autumn, keeping a distance of twenty-five inches and slightly sloping, prisypaya land on three inches of the ground.

The survival rate of absolute hell. This plant blooms at different times, but the fruit does not.

To dig it is best to regrowth of leaves and store or in the refrigerator, or in piles.

Sometimes hell can severely clog your garden, so you should dig from growing in unwanted areas of the plant, digging deep roots.

You can also grow a hell beyond the site along the fence, not to occupy the planting area if the soil and location of your garden or garden will create the most favorable conditions for its growth.

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