Honey herb stevia — growing and care


The first time I tried tea brewed with stevia have a neighbor to testify, and so he liked me, wanted to grow a plant in their area.

Later found out that the herb stevia is also useful for the brain, strengthens the nervous system and the immune system.

Planting seeds

The first year I decided to sow stevia seeds, they gave me my roommate. The summer was hot, and they have time to ripen, although we in the Middle lane, this rarely happens.

Sowed the seeds in early may in a normal soil from the garden, diluted a little big river sand to a depth of 5mm., watered, covered with plastic wrap and carried to the glazed loggia.

The temperature on the balcony was +5°C ÷ +7°C. within 15 days the seeds were subjected to stratification. After 2 weeks, took the box — greenhouse in the apartment and put on a southern windowsill. When the first seedlings, the polythene was removed.

With the appearance of 2 large leaves, seedlings plants in a separate container, buried in the cotyledonary leaves. In June planted stevia for hradecka, poured lukewarm water and immediately targeted on 1/3 of the stem.

Because germination of seeds was not very high, the following year, decided to propagate the shrub stevia separation.

The division of the Bush

Autumn dug up 2 of the hive honey and herbs and put in a box for seedlings, so they wintered at my house on the windowsill, surrounded by flowers.

Like other house plants, bushes stevia received additional illumination the short winter days.

When the time came, split the clumps into pieces and landed on the bed, at a distance of 30 cm from each other.

The plant can be propagated by cuttings, rooting completely. In late winter, cut the desired number of shoots of the Bush and insert them in moist soil with good drainage.

As soon as the cuttings are taken, plant the tops to begin to grow side branches. By early summer they will turn into lush bushes and can be planted in the garden.

The cultivation and care

Stevia is undemanding to the soil. But when choosing a place, it is better to prefer semi-shade, tolerates heat seriously have to be protected from direct sunlight with newspaper.

Loves frequent but moderate watering. Don’t forget to loose, weed the land and paid 2 times a month feeding of complex organic fertilizer.

Preparation for the winter

In July and August, before flowering, cut off all the shoots of stevia, about 10-12cm from the ground, pluck the leaves, wash them and dry on the screened porch.

In the winter they well make tea with it. Also honey crushed dried herb can be added to cakes and jams.

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