Honey comb: description and characteristics, useful properties and application

honey comb

From the most ancient times honey comb is called the elixir of life, and for good reason.

As many nutrients as contained in this product, there is probably no one of the other bee creations.

Of course, today, when medicine has reached such dizzying heights, it is impossible to call it a panacea for all ills, however, on human health it has amazing healing effects.

What is a honeycomb?

In order to understand what are the useful properties of this type of this Golden product, you need to start to understand exactly what it is. Under this name is known honey that is not extracted from a honeycomb.

It is usually a liquid, and the sale of ships or a small square or rectangular plates, or frames. About its quality and naturalness is evidenced, first and foremost, the appearance.

All cells must be sealed by the comb capping (wax seal), and do combs should be very light, almost white.

Comb honey – is considered the most natural honey products, because due to its «immunity», it contains Royal jelly, pollen, zabrus wax, which is made from honeycombs. All of these elements and their useful properties is the best effects on the human body.

How to use honey


The use of this honey began in antiquity itself Avicenna recommended to apply it for the maintenance and preservation of health. There is even a science, apitherapy, which studies the medical effects of honey on the body.

Having dealt with what is a honey comb like eating it – becomes the next question. As a rule, their hold is very good for the respiratory system and the lining. In addition, in this use, the honey acts as a strong allergen.

As this product is an excellent antiseptic, when chewed to clean mouth, teeth and disinfecting effect.

At the same time, thanks to the saliva and the special capillaries contained in the mouth, the body metabolizes a lot of useful elements that are contained in wax, in particular vitamin A.

Do not worry that the wax gets into the stomach, despite the fact that it is not digested, it is powerful adsorbent, that is, unites all the bad substances and then excreted from the body with them naturally.

Surprisingly, due to the hermetic sealing of the bees of the comb, the honey contained within them is sterile, so it can safely be instilled in the eye to treat cataracts thus.

If you apply it inside, it is best to do this with black bread.

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