Homemade wine from the gooseberry — recipes

Homemade wine from gooseberries

The real gourmets when it comes to homemade wine, preference is given to drink from gooseberries.

So it is fragrant and light, in their qualities similar to a white grape wine.

For making homemade wine from gooseberries should choose red or yellow berries.

The fruit must be freshly picked – after the end of the day they lose their juiciness and flavor.

Wine from gooseberries

The first step is to determine the amount of ingredients for wine. Here the recipe is given based on 3 kg of berries. Of water will need 3 litres, sugar – 2 kg.

The technology of making wine from gooseberries in the home is quite simple.

• Fruits should be a good stretch. It is better to do or a wooden pestle, or simply with your hands. The resulting mass is sent in a glass bowl.

• Now boil the syrup over low heat with constant stirring. To boil it needs 5 minutes. If you have formed foam, it should be removed.

• Cooled to room temperature, poured syrup crushed berries.

• The resulting mass is stirred, covered the capacity of the gauze. Stand 4 days, stirring occasionally.

• When fermentation begins, the juice should be separated from the pulp, pouring it through the filter.

• Pour the juice into a clean bottle and put the water trap. When this capacity is filled not completely – without adding 13 to the top.

• Contain a bottle of wine from the gooseberries in a dark room for about 2 weeks, to the point where it will no longer stand out bubbles. When properly fermented juice should brighten due to the fact that the sediment settles to the bottom.

• Homemade wine from the gooseberries gently poured into bottles and cork well. Stored about 3 months at a temperature not exceeding 16C.

Wine from the gooseberry — recipes

• For the above recipe used ripe gooseberries. But you can apply and not ripe fruit.

In this case, water is taken smaller and a little more sugar. Sugar is added to parts.

First, I take a 1 kg, mixed with wine yeast and added crushed gooseberries.

Homemade wine from gooseberries

After 10 days, the remaining sugar diluted with a small amount of wort and mixed with gooseberries. Immediately put under seal. Other actions as described above.

• Wine of gooseberries with lemon flavor. Before the wort is put under water seal, the composition adds zest of 3 lemons.

• Fruit wine to add gooseberries currants, red or white. The proportions are chosen to your own taste.

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