Hibiscus — care at home


Hibiscus is a tropical plant that belongs to the family Malvaceae, moved into the category of room recently.

He looks depending on the species as a shrub or herbaceous plant can be glabrous or pubescent.

This plant blooms from spring to autumn, large flowers in various shades.

Growing hibiscus

 Location and lighting

It is desirable to maintain a fairly bright but diffused light, in spring and summer you can not avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Autumn and winter lighting should be more intense in this period may also direct lights. So the best place for plants – East or West window.


In the spring and summer hibiscus loves mild temperatures of 18-22°C. In the colder months, the room should be cool – from 14 to 16°C. Below is desirable, otherwise the plant may drop leaves.

Watering and humidity

During the period of active growth and flowering requires abundant watering. Fall and winter is more moderate, after drying of the top soil it will take a couple of days before the next watering.

If the plant is kept at a temperature below 14°C, substrate is constantly moistened. In General, do not allow any excessive drying or waterlogged soil.

To a moisture level in the plant is not demanding, is sometimes enough to spray it, it is especially important in the flowering period. With periodic spraying of the risk of spider mites is greatly reduced.


During the active growing season requires regular fertilizing: 1 once a month, feed the plant with mineral media with a high content of nitrogen, then the plant long and beautiful blooms.

In winter there can sometimes be fertilized. To do this 1 time per month don’t use concentrated phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

Transplantation and propagation

In connection with fast growth of young plants for the first time transplanted a few months after planting in the pot.

Then transplanted annually in the spring before flowering. After it is advisable to carry out pruning. Mature plants usually require a transplant in 3-4 years.

One of the ways of propagation of the hibiscus seeds. Them in January-March, soaked, then planted in a mixture of peat and sand and kept under glass at a temperature of 25-27°C.

From time to time their air and sprayed. After the appearance of the leaves of the seedlings, plant them in regular pots.

A more simple method of propagation is by cuttings. During the summer, the tops of the plants are cut, the cuttings, rooting them in a mixture of sand and peat at a temperature of 22-25°C or in water. Then planted in pots with a mixture of leaf soil and sand, watered with warm water.

Pests and fight with them

For hibiscus threat aphids, spider mites and whiteflies. When the leaves and stems treated with insecticide.

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