Heliotrope — planting and care


Heliotrope is a herbaceous perennial, is shaped like a small Bush.

Its leaves are alternately arranged on short petioles and are dark green.

Their shape obovate, also there is a small pubescence of the leaves at the edges.

The flowers of the plant are small, but have a pronounced flavor and are collected in beautiful flowers.

In the flowers of the heliotrope contains large amounts of essential oils, so they are often used in perfumes.

Heliotrope — description

Heliotropes — a plant of the family buravchikov. They are quite heat-loving, so spread only in a tropical or subtropical climate.

In nature there are about 250 species, each of which is characterized by rapid growth. Plant height is about 60 cm, but sometimes can be more than a meter.

This, and the long flowering period gives the opportunity to use heliotropes in landscape design backyard or suburban area.

Popular types of heliotrope

The largest of this kind is heliotrope corymbose. Its height is 120 cm and width 45 cm.

A bit smaller is famous for heliotrope kurzawski. Its natural habitat is North and South America. The height of this predostavlennogo shrub can reach 100 cm.

In the countries of the Mediterranean coast, one can often meet European heliotrope. Its height is 30 cm. in Spite of this, Bush has a well-developed branching and large leaves.

Heliotrope — maintenance and care

Heliotrope is very demanding to the surrounding temperature, which in winter should not fall below 12 degrees. At the same time, the summer temperature must be at 25 degrees.

Also, plants need a large amount of bright light. Watering the Bush depends on the season: in the summer it more in the winter time it should be reduced.

Heliotropes propagated by cuttings in summer. In the spring you can try the seed method. To ensure a comfortable humidity of pot plants must be periodically sprayed.

In early spring the shrub can be transplanted. Further care is reduced to a weekly fertilizing with a weak solution of fertilizer. Every spring the shoots of heliotrope cut by one-third the length. Be careful during the procedure, as the plant is poisonous.

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