Heating country house

home heating

What method of heating you choose? Today, answers to this question are many.

It all depends on the design of the building, summed up to him whether communication, as well as the taste and, most importantly, the financial situation of its owner.

The first and probably the oldest of the heating «device», the stove.

Crackling wood, a pleasant heat coming from furnace, home comfort and warm the soul memories of the trip to grandma’s cottage. But as romantic and easy as it seems at first glance. What are the cons, still there?

So, minus the number one furnace heating suitable only for small areas. But to heat a large house or several rather big size of rooms is unlikely to succeed.

Difficulty number two is the mud oven regularly will need to be cleaned from the soot and clean the chimney, too, will have periodically. Add to all this firewood and coal, peat briquettes, too, in the end «will be a lot of money».

Solid fuel boiler or a modified analogue. If a is gas and electricity in the area shut off with enviable frequency, this boiler will be a real «lifesaver».

Is inexpensive, and install it in the room is not much difficulty, and manage them easily enough.

Among the minuses — all the ‘manipulation’ of the boiler will have to be done manually, because the automatic mode is not provided here. Still need to find a place where you are going to store the fuel.

If interruptions in supply of electricity in this area is rare, we can safely install the electric boiler. It can be floor and wall. Among the obvious advantages — practicality of such a boiler.

It is easy to install. A boiler powered by electricity, so the issue of procurement of fuel, storage of firewood and coal, is no longer relevant. And most importantly — no dirt.

Plus «control» the boiler is simple enough. The likelihood of a fire in the stove, a small. The batteries in the house do not freeze because they can be hot not just warm water, a nonfreezing liquid.

The main disadvantage of all — outages. If this happens, albeit infrequently, then to be safe you need a diesel generator. Otherwise, in the cold of winter can be left without heat.

Yes, and often to run the generator is also costly from an economic point of view. The costs increase significantly.

Experts advise: the electric boiler is more suitable for heating small country house. But to warm up the cottage will be more expensive.

Another option — diesel boiler. It is practical to use and is inexpensive. But the disadvantages are also missing.

It is difficult to mount, plus you need a separate room under the boiler room. And if you have any problems with electricity, out of order all automatics.

To the prevention and maintenance you have regularly. And this is the time and cost.

But a boiler can run not only on diesel fuel. If desired, it can be transferred to the gas. At the time, the gasification of the whole country «the unofficial fifth national project of Russia.»

The most versatile type of heating is best for all indicators (technical and economic. Clean, comfortable, warm, and most importantly inexpensive.

Just do not reach all remote corners of Russia yet reached this «blue fuel». And if there passes a gas pipeline branch, you have to choose all other sources of heat.

In the end the last decision is made by the owner of a country house, after weighing all the pros and cons and comparing your finances with the amount of possible costs.

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