Haworthia — care at home


Haworthia (or havarti) – herbaceous succulent from the family asfodelo. Originally this plant is from South Africa.

It has an unusual appearance: short barrel, diminutive stature (not more than 12 cm in height), short branched stems, keeled on the top and convex bottom leaves, hard to the touch and leathery, which depends on the type come in the form of a triangular, or oblong blunt and have a variety of colors.

Flowers form inflorescence on long peduncle, have aesthetic value, often the spike is removed immediately after the appearance, because after flowering, the plant may die.

The cultivation of Haworthia

 Location and lighting

The plant needs constant light intensity with protection from direct sunlight. The best place to host a pot – East or West window.

In the shade or North window loses its decorative – leaf color fades. The room in which it is located, definitely ventilated, especially in summer.


From spring to autumn support the daily temperatures of 22-27°C, lowering it at night to 18°C. in Winter Haworthia requires lower temperatures (optimally 10-12°C, 18°C).

Watering and humidity

In the period of active growth to provide moderate watering between watering the soil should have time to dry. In winter, watering is much less often – 1 time per month.

Excessive watering, especially in winter, is very harmful to the flower and could lead to his death. For irrigation use a soft vystoyanu water. High humidity, for this succulent is not required, so spraying is not necessary.


Feeding is carried out only in summer: every month into the soil make a weak solution of fertilizer for succulents and cacti.

Transplantation and propagation

Repot the plant every spring, increasing the volume of the pot, if it has become too small (take a flat pot with good drainage).

The optimal soil is made up of turf, leaf soil, peat, humus and sand, it is desirable to add a bit of brick chips.

Multiply havarti daughter rosettes that appear on the trunk. They are cut or separated together with the roots and planted in a separate pot.

Another method of propagation is by leaf, cut from plant (in this case slice sprinkled with powdered charcoal) which are dried and planted in the ground or sand, pouring only about a month.

Pests and fight with them

Insects striking havarti rare. Dangerous only mealybug and scale insects. The appearance of the mealybug plant removed from the pot, the roots washed with warm water, then 5 minutes to keep it in the insecticide solution and dried, put in a pot.

A couple of weeks, repeat the process. Insects are removed by mechanical means (toothbrush), only then the flower treated with special means.

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