Harvesting your seeds in the country

harvesting seeds

When in the garden grow delicious cucumbers and large tomatoes really want to plant for the next year are the same, but the question is – how to prepare seeds?

It turns out it is not necessary to look for the stores needed variety, because experienced and careful farmer obtains seeds from their plants in the country, and that’s how it’s done.

Harvesting seeds

During the active fruiting bushes of tomatoes, you need to choose the most productive and precocious.

Them carefully phasingout denote the stalk braid and after tying two or three the hands of fruit, pinch out the top of the plant.

Later, when the fruits begin to ripen and to sing of them choose the best, removed and put into the ripening — bringing of fruit to maturity, for 1-2 weeks.

Such a reception of the workpiece significantly increases subsequent germination of the seed, as overripe fruit significantly reduces seed germination.

Then the tomatoes cut in half, choose seeds with a teaspoon, placed in a glass jar and leave for 1-2 days at a temperature of about 22 degrees.

Once the seeds are separated from pulp and juice, they were carefully washed and laid out to dry on glass, plywood or cardboard.

A kilo of tomatoes, you can prepare about 4 gram of seeds is more than 1000 pieces. The seeds were kept in a dry place at 10-12 degrees.

Seeds suitable for sowing even after 7 years, and their chistorete due to the fact that tomatoes are self – pollinating plants and they can’t interbreed with other varieties.

Another thing is cucumber. To get a true-bred seeds, the area should grow only one variety of this vegetable.

In the beginning of the flowering you need to remove from the garden all the weak and defective plants. Noteworthy plants from which to take the fruit for seeds and pinched them at the level of 5-6 leaves.

Seeds need to leave the cucumber first crop, giving preference to the most correct in color and shape.

Best cucumber seeds will be collected from the axils of the second or the first sheet. For seeds of each plant leaves no more than three fruits, others ovaries plucked.

For final maturation of cucumber seeds need 35-40 days, that is, they are not removed

harvesting seeds

until then, until they turn yellow. Then they are taken and put into the ripening.

After 10-15 days the cucumber will be soft and the seeds can be removed. To separate the mucous membrane of them just like tomato seeds, leave in a glass jar in a warm room.

The seeds then should be washed, thoroughly dried and stored in a cool, dry place. Saved the germination of such seeds to 8-10 years.

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