Harm melon for the human body

Sorry melon

Rather, the negative impact of melon on the human body.

The phrase itself harm the melon sounds more serious and is almost like poison.

In many fruits, vegetables and berries contain substances that aggravate the course of many chronic human diseases.

Many of them, moreover, become harmful under certain combinations with other products. Melon is no exception.

The main causes of harm to melon

A very important point is the use of fresh only Mature melons. The presence of diseases of the stomach, such as ulcer or acute gastritis, can easily cause serious aggravation.

For such people it is necessary to eat only melon in between meals, but over time.

If you eat it as a dessert, it will lie in the stomach and in the process of digestion is the last thing that will create an unpleasant cargo. It must blend with other products.

On an empty stomach is a melon you can’t, because gastritis is a very common disease. It is especially important to follow if the treatment of the liver, General exhaustion, recuperation after surgery using the healing properties of melon.

In the presence of the disease diabetes melon should be consumed in small quantities. People who suffer from obesity can harm your health heavy sugar contained in it.

Nursing mothers in the period of communication with a newborn melon should not be consumed. At this time, and quite enough other worries without consequences from the received milk from her substances, which increase any troubles of digestion in young children.

The correct use of melon

You cannot drink eaten water melon, yoghurt, yogurt or alcohol. This leads to severe indigestion, and sometimes to the appearance of heartburn.

sorry melon

It is literally the same effect of the bombs, as with the combination of milk and herring or cucumber.

Eating lots of melons at one time inevitably leads to bloating, increased flatulence, frequent burping.

This is due to the fast onset of the fermentation of melon in the stomach under the action of large amounts of sugar that enters into its composition.

When used correctly and melons are often a little it will not bring harm to the body and takes a great pleasure, raise the spirits at the expense of the contained amino acids that are the hormone of joy-serotonin.

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