Hardening of tomato seedlings

hardening of seedlings tomato

Many fans of the cottagers fell into such a situation.

Planted seedlings of tomatoes in garden vegetable garden in the ground or a greenhouse, and at night the temperature dropped sharply, and some bushes, and then everything froze.

To prevent this from happening, important in tomato production, is the hardening of tomato seedlings.

After the appearance of the loops of the shoots, during the week day, keep the temperature to 17 ° C and night temperature should be no higher than 15 ° C.

From the second week until the appearance of the second true-leaf can increase by day to 20 º C and 17 ° C at night to.

It is noticed that tempered tomato seedlings can withstand freezing down to-3 ° C in the open ground. Don’t forget that a day should be good illumination.

Some people put boxes of seedlings overnight on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. This method also allows you to grow sturdy and stocky tomato seedlings. Watering during this period it is necessary to defend water at 22 º C t.

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