Handling, transplanting houseplants

transplant houseplants

Transplanting potted plants is carried out in the spring from early March to end of may.

To determine need for transplantation is possible in the following way: the left hand cover the ground, so that the stem is caught between the index and middle fingers, then turn over and lightly hit the side of the pot.

Behind the earthen walls, now it can be viewed.

If the surface has no roots or them a bit, the plant is transplanted before it neatly inserted in container.

If the root system is enveloped the entire earth com and more like felt, a transplant necessary, but first you need to prepare the right size pots and more land.

Transplant houseplants

In the prepared dishes in the drain hole put the convex side up the shard, and on top of drainage fill coarse sand layer of 1 cm, and then slightly cooked in the earthen mixture.

The plants are transplanted immediately after irrigation, as well as when a flower needs it. Typically, transplanting is carried out 24 hours after watering the soil should not be too dry or wet.

Com removed from the pot and carefully remove the peg part of the land, free from entanglements of small roots with a sharp knife.

Slightly branched and thick the roots are not disturbed, except for their decay. In this case, they cut to a healthy place, cuts sprinkled with powdered charcoal.

After preparation the plant can be dipped in the prepared pot so that the root collar was 1-2 cm below the top edge of the dishes, and whom was in the middle. Optionally, on the bottom add a layer of the earth.

Then holding the flower by hand, the edges of the mound the ground, thrusting her thin wand, you can gently shake the container.

If the plant is large (Saintpaulia, begonia, Christmas cacti, epifillyumami etc.) should the ground pop your fingers so the plant sat tight. Plants with delicate and thin edges prefer a crumbly mixture.

The container is filled to the top edge remained approximately 1.5 cm, this is the place you need to water, while root collar should be open.

From flowering plants dense planting causes early flowering and loose soil active growth. After transplanting all plants except certain species of cacti, abundantly watered, next, spend a few days.

Growing some indoor flowers have to be transplanted several times during the year. In this case, earth com do not destroy, and the whole placed in a new more voluminous dishes. This operation is called transshipment.

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