Hammock for the garden with their hands

Sadovy hammock

Relaxing at the cottage, in the shade of garden trees, sometimes you want to read your favorite book or just lie down, swaying in a cozy hammock.

Garden hammock for the garden, has long been a fixture adorns the rest.

Unfortunately, not all are on the site such suspended structure, but very many are going to buy or make a hammock with his hands.

Because it takes up very little space, which is found for him even in a small suburban area.

The design of the hammock is pretty simple and anyone with two cross straps, and canvas slings.

Slings are used to shape the design, and for fastening. Straps also attach some form of a hammock, and do not allow to SAG under the weight of the body that may cause discomfort to the vacationer.

The choice of the country of the hammocks are diverse, as they say on taste and color, but the most important thing you should pay attention to the material.

This will depend on how long it will last, and how much will be a comfortable stay.

For example, in a mesh hammock to lie less pleasant for exposed areas of the skin than linen. Also, some types of mosquito net for protection from pesky insects.


In General, the choice of the rich, not only in size but in form, even a 2-seater is on sale. They are sold usually in sports and tourist shops, and you can make a hammock with his own hands, for its size, and even save finances.

The following problem to be solved is the attachment of the hammock. To approach this question it is necessary with full responsibility, because it affects your safety and comfort. Usually the hammock for the garden is secured on two supports or trees.

The trunk of the tree for fastening shall not be less than 20cm in diameter.

In the absence of close-growing trees, we can thoroughly dig at the right distance from each other two logs or timber, and they already secure the hammock.

The distance between supports should be 30-35cm. longer the suspended structures.

hammock for the garden with their hands

Height from ground to the attachment points selected individually, but the average is between 1.5-1.8 m.

Don’t forget to allow for the future possibility of height adjustment for the possible pulling of materials.

As you can see, to make a hammock with your own hands is not difficult.

Now we have to find a place for him at the cottage in the garden and enjoy the outdoors.

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