Hamerops care at home


Hamerops — room palm tree native to Mediterranean regions, belongs to the family arekovoy.

Different plant fan-shaped, strongly dissected leaves.

They are located on long stalks that are covered with small, whitish spines. When touched, these spines easily fall off.

Blossoms late in Vienna. Flowers yellow in racemes, length up to 35-40 cm

Hamerops grows very slowly, but, thanks to the unpretentiousness, is popular among flower growers potted plant.

Hamerops -care tips

 Location and lighting

Hamerops love the light and good lighting. Positioning should be in the southern or South-Western Windows. This houseplant requires constant ventilation.

In summer, it is recommended to make hamerops on the balcony or in the garden. In winter it is necessary to provide the plant good light and protection from drafts.


The plant prefers moderate temperatures and does not tolerate direct sunlight. Hamerops in the summer should pritenyat and protect from the sun. For the normal development of plants need the air temperature in the warm season not greater than 26°C.

In winter it is necessary to provide the plant a temperature in the range of 8-10°C. the Most frequently hamerops is the decoration of conservatories and greenhouses.

Watering and humidity

This potted palm likes regular watering in the warmer time of the year. Responds positively to water treatment: spraying and a warm shower. Watering should be conducted after drying the upper layer of the soil, as palm trees are often in danger of root rot.

In winter watering should be limited to 1 time in two weeks. To maintain the normal humidity should be regular spraying the leaves.


Hamerops reacts very well to different feeding. In spring and summer it is recommended to apply a complex fertilizer for decorative-deciduous plants, 1 time per two weeks. In autumn and winter, fertilizing is recommended 1 time per month.

Transplantation and propagation

Hamerops does not like frequent stops, so make handling the plant in a larger pot only when necessary.

As the soil is ready to use soil mix for palms or mix 2 parts ordinary leaf soil with 2 parts compost, 1 part sand and 1 part peat. You need to make 2 tbsp of wood ash.

Palm propagated by layering, which should be very carefully separated from the mother plants, so as not to damage young roots.

Perhaps seed propagation, but it is quite a laborious process, due to the fact that the seeds germinate very difficult.

Pests and fight with them

Of pests hamerops prefer spider mites and mealybugs. Prevention needs to comply with temperature and humidity. The plant can damage and scale that settles on the inside of the leaves.

During the attack of pests on the plant, you should apply insecticides. The working solution of the drug should be diluted in accordance with instructions.

With a small infestation of scale insects can be wiped with the palm leaves with internal and external parties with diluted alcohol.

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