Hamedoreya — potted palm


Chamaedorea is a genus of plants belonging to the Palm family.

This plant is known under the name of bamboo palm.

In the natural environment grows in tropical forests in Latin America and can reach there in 4-5 meters.

In the culture room hamedoreya stops its growth, reaching 2 meters.

This palm is quite easy to care for. The only thing that can be a problem – providing high humidity.

Hamedoreya Tips to care for a palm tree

 Location and lighting

As chamaedorea grows naturally in the shade of tall trees, and at home maintenance it is necessary to provide shade or partial shade.

It is impossible to prevent direct sun on the plant. Especially reliable need to shade from 10 am to 5 PM. In connection with these nuances, content, palm, better to place them near a West or North window.


Optimal for hamedoreya will be the conditions with a temperature of 18 to 27 degrees all year round. It is impossible to prevent the temperature drops below 16 degrees Celsius.

Watering and humidity

From March to October, must be watered abundantly hamedori, not allowing even a slight drying of the substrate. However, stagnant water should not be. In another period, watering once the substrate dries out a bit.

Since this palm is a resident of humid forests, it just needs high humidity. This can be achieved by placing next to the barrel with chamaedorea a container with water or moisten the air using a household humidifier. In summer one should carry out spraying of plants.


Since April spend feeding trees once a month until August. For this purpose, granular fertilizer with slow release.

Transplantation and propagation

Chamaedorea best to transplant in April. Transplant carried out without destroying the earth com, handling. During the transplant, prune the roots, forming a layer of felt. Transshipment is carried out when the roots are not placed in the pot.

To propagate hamedori can seeds and dividing the Bush. Seeds for sowing you need to take freshly picked, as their germination is reduced.

Before planting they are soaked in water for 5 days and carry out scarification. After the preparatory phase the seeds are planted 1 in a Cup with a wet substrate, deepening in the ground, but not falling asleep on top.

Cups covered with polyethylene, providing daily ventilation. Germination will have to wait at least 7 months.

Propagated by dividing the Bush during transplantation. Each is separated by a palm tree planted in a separate pot and provide high humidity and temperature content.

Pests and fight with them

Hamedoreya may be affected by aphids, caterpillars, mealy bugs. To combat these pests use insecticides.

Of diseases hamedoreya often damaged pink rot or leaf spot. Combat the used fungicides.

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