Haemanthus care at home


Haemanthus of the family Amaryllidaceae applies to indoor bulbous plants native to tropical Africa.

It has a wide oblong opposite leaves, in the flowering period they formed inflorescences-umbrellas, surrounded by colorful bracts.

Depending on the plant species, its leaves can be smooth or pubescent, but they are all symmetrical and hanging down.

Growing haemanthus

 Location and lighting

For good growth and flower needs bright but diffused light, so he doesn’t get burns from direct sunlight should be protected from direct sunlight. Therefore, the ideal accommodation haemanthus – East or West window.

In the summer you can take out to the country, also feels good on the loggia or balcony, it is impossible to prevent drafts and the ingress of rain.


Haemanthus prefers moderately warm temperatures in summer 20-22°C, and relatively low in winter (for evergreen species 15°C, and for those that go into a dormant state and relieves winter leaves – 12-14 °C).

Watering and humidity

From spring to autumn is watered regularly and moderately between watering the top layer of substrate dry. Waterlogged plant tolerates hard.

In winter, watering is carried out much less frequently, pre-water advocate 2 days. Does not require high humidity. It is very important to ventilate the room and wash the leaves with a damp sponge to remove dust.


During the period of active growth and flowering need to be fed organic and mineral fertilizers every 2-3 weeks, beginning in the fall and for winter feed.

Transplantation and propagation

For abundant flowering haemanthus are transplanted every 2-3 years. Doing it this way, the mother bulb being careful not to damage transplanted into a wide, shallow flower pot, put on the bottom for good drainage.

The bulbous part of the stem thus leaving above the surface of the earth. Soil mixture for transplanting is prepared from the following components: turf, leaf and greenhouse earth in equal proportions, and a bit of peat and bone meal.

The plant is propagated by seeds, leaf cuttings and bulbs-children. Young bulbs that grow next to the mother bulb, separated when transplanting and planted in individual pots. Flowering young plants will begin in 3-4 years.

For propagation of leafy cuttings is one of the old leaves with a fleshy base are separated from the stem (slice sprinkled with powdered charcoal) and dry day, put in a mixture of peat and sand, and when the bases are the small bulbs, planted in the conventional substrate.

Pests and fight with them

If the leaves appeared dark plaque is scale insects. They removed brush, then sprayed with Malathion.

Gossamer indicates red spider mites. Casting haemanthus wash with warm water. Then treated with insecticidal soap or actellic.

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