Guzmania care at home


From early childhood we are surrounded by diverse and beautiful world of plants.

Rarely meet a person who hasn’t tried to grow on your windowsill any, even the simplest and well-known flower.

For some it remains a hobby, a profession of a lifetime.

In communion with nature they get a source of health, wisdom and inspiration.

Every nation has its own special plants, about which there are legends, songs, myths are born about their miraculous properties.

The most attractive has always been the representatives of the far foreign countries with warm climates. A lot of trial and error has been passed in farming.

So before you buy one of these plants, with a strange and unpronounceable name, you need to know basic rules of care.

It also relates to Guzmania (Guzmania), which according to ancient belief, brings in a home environment, generosity, courage, chivalry and nobility, especially in the character of men.

The presence of the flower in the apartment, brings man out of unfulfilled dreams and dreams and helps you achieve real success in life.

Guzman has long been known, it has been proved that the Maya knew how to make tough leaves of the plants strong fibers.

The scientific description of the flower for the first time gave the Spanish botanist A. Guzman. This knowledge allowed us to relate it to the family of bromeliads, epiphytic plants, which includes about 100 species.

In nature, occurs in South America, India, and Brazil. Currently, Guzman is often grown not only in greenhouses, but also normal flats as annuals. Many new varieties can successfully grow and enjoy beautiful flower.

The basic requirements to care for a Guzmania are in compliance with the temperature regimes of the air 18-24°C provided that humidity 50-60%. This moisture can be achieved by regular spraying of the plants.

In winter it is produced less frequently. Lighting is not crucial, as humidity, but it is better not to place the pot in direct sunlight.

This will help to avoid burns on the leaves as brown spots. Happens best growth and flowering plants at the Windows of the East or West side of the apartment with no drafts.

Watering Guzmania is conducted directly into the rosette of leaves from which the excess water is simply drained. Watering the soil is rarely and very carefully a small amount of water.

Water should not contain lime or the tips of the leaves can become tinged with white. At the increased dryness of the air, the leaves have brown tips.

Feature of flower is not very developed root system that requires to fit in a small pot with good drainage, using as the composition of the soil «soil for bromeliads».

Strong influence on growth of Guzmania fertilization with mineral fertilizers has, but because doing it once in the spring, pouring the solution directly into the socket.

Dose of fertilizers for bromeliads is reduced four times when you use them for feeding. Stimulation of flowering is carried out in an atmosphere with a high content of acetylene to create which can be put next to a rotting Apple.

Reproduction of flower perhaps at the expense of sowing seeds and small shoots that appear after flowering. When growing from seed the first flowering occurs 3-4 years.

Guzmania flower is various shades of red, orange, purple, yellow. This is the final stage of the life of the plant, after which it dies. At this time, and there are small shoots, of which will last his life.

When old the whole plant will wither, the shoots formed their own fragile roots and it is the signal to they are very careful excavation.

In the process of transplanting plants its neck, do not bury, warning this decay. The most popular varieties are the Guzmania «reed», «blood-red». Donella Smith, a mosaic, a Nicaraguan, «odnogolosy».

The main pests that are dangerous plants are slugs, snails, spider mites, scale, aphids. To deal with them with insecticides.

Given these recommendations, you can begin to grow a beautiful plant that brings the extra good quality in your house and your soul.

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