Guava — home care


One of the most popular exotic fruit plant is guava.

Surely most of us have seen its fruits on store shelves, but not many who know that to grow it at home.

However, it is worth noting that to achieve fruiting in the apartment is almost impossible.

The cultivation of guava

 Location and lighting

Especially good to grow the plant in bright sunlight, because it loves warm, Sunny places.

In winter it is also necessary to provide adequate lighting with additional lighting.


The most optimal temperature for keeping in summer is 22-28 degrees, and in winter from 16 to 22 degrees.

In summer, the guava should be regularly put on the air, even you can bring to the country, but to provide protection from the wind.

Watering and humidity

Watering the plant should be moderately, but regularly, because it has a shallow root system and the fruiting period is especially important. Guava is equally bad moves as the wetting and drying of the soil.

On hot summer days it is advisable to carry out spraying, but only in the morning or evening. You can also wash the leaves.


Fertilize the plant should be once a month. For this you can use a liquid concentrated solutions.

Transplantation and propagation

The plant is propagated by seeds and cuttings. Buy the seeds in any flower shop or on your own to extract the fetus. Before planting seeds, soak in warm water for about two hours.

It is necessary to sow them on top of the loose substrate, and then cover with vermiculite or regular sand. Seeds should germinate in a bright place, the temperature should be 22-25 degrees.

Seeds germinate quite a long time about five weeks.

Remember that guava is grown from seed, will bloom no sooner than three years.

When propagating cuttings, it is very important to create relative humidity and high temperature to keep the plants rooted.

Transplant the young plant needs every year. First put the shaft in a pot of small size, as its growth is rolled over into a large container.

To carry out this procedure it is best in March or April. Should not involve a change in the period of fruit set and flowering.

Pests and control

Guava is not exposed to the insect, only in some cases it can affect aphids. As for diseases, including fungal, they are not terrible.

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