Grown tomatoes «cherry» in our climate

growing tomatoes

Tomatoes are part of many dishes and sauces, so many growers want to see them on their sites.

We are accustomed to the typical taste of tomatoes, and cherri has another distinctive feature: they can, depending on the varieties to taste like berries or melon – this variety is famous for «Winter cherry«.

They are much more than in conventional tomatoes, vitamins and antioxidants, which means they are much healthier for humans.

Russian varieties of tomatoes is a «bead» (red and round), «Sparrow» (with big hands), «Andrei«, «Queen Margot» (oval fruit).

«Lemon» (light yellow), «gold bead» (dark yellow), «Zelenushka«, «Noon» (orange) is also perfectly adapted for Russia.

«Mariska» (pink), «Rosita» (raspberry), «Sunny Bunny» (large yellow), «Basket» complement the domestic collection.

Latest at the end of the season to dig and plant at home in a bucket or flower pot and continue growing tomatoes at home.

Its peculiarity is the absence of side laterals, instead of which grow large brush with fairly large fruits.

In winter, this tomato tree» looks more like a tree with ornaments. In addition, all domestic varieties are very hardy and hardly susceptible to diseases.

Plant seeds seedlings need in March, and in April it is necessary to dive. Planting should be done in may when the threat of frost passes. This applies to soil and the greenhouse method of cultivation.

If you have selected a high grade, they should be at some point to be tied up to pegs and the formation of the Bush to spend «one stem». Low grades also need to be tied up so that the fruit doesn’t touch the ground and rot.

In the rainy summer the bushes watered’t need to avoid crackles. In a dry summer should continuously monitor the degree of soil moisture and watering on the same principle as conventional varieties of tomato.

Sometimes the height of the stems cherri is very large, and for a good harvest, you need to snap the prop in the lowest part of the stem.

This will increase its stability and improve the promotion of juice inside the plant from the root to the brush. Soil mulching is a necessary condition for success.

Harvesting tomatoes there is periodicity. You should not wait until all the brush ripen because overripe tomatoes can just crumble.

Remove them gradually as they Mature. If you want to get them on sale, then you need to wait for the not the usual level of maturity and technical, to conclude a shot of the brush in boxes, shifting parchment, and take it to market.

So do suppliers of the countries where they grow in nature.

But if you are growing tomatoes colorful varieties, it is on the table for sale, you can put them in vibrant colours, will look appetizing and attractive.

These are the tomatoes cherri is good to use for winter preparations. They are convenient to use, keep a tight sheath.

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