Growing zucchini in the country

growing zucchini

Zucchini is a delicious and valuable dietary vegetable. In addition to growing zucchini, you do not need special knowledge and complicated manipulations, that’s why so many gardeners sow this crop in my garden.

Because of earliness (about two months) to grow zucchini in regions with different climatic conditions and in different ways.

In the southern zones for growing zucchini can be used without seedling method of planting in open ground.

In the Northern, more reliable propagation method and transplanting in the greenhouse. But in any case, first you need to prepare the seeds.

Preparation of seed zucchini

In order to prepare seeds for growing zucchini, they need to withstand during the day in 1 liter of water with diluted potassium permanganate approximately 2 grams.

The color of the solution should be dark red, the temperature of the water room. After this, the seeds of zucchini thoroughly washed in running water.

The seeds are then put zucchini in a bowl and top cover with a damp cloth for two days and put in a warm place.

You must make sure that the fabric was wet. After the procedure preparation of seed zucchini is completed, can be planted.

Growing zucchini seedlings

For seedlings it is best to sow the seeds germinated prepared, one in each Cup of peat or paper.

If for some reason you are not prepared seeds for planting, then three pieces. Make sure that the ground was damp and the temperature not below 18 degrees.

To plant squash seedlings from emergence to four leaves. If the threat of frost is gone you can plant zucchini in the ground or greenhouse.

Growing zucchini outdoors

If climatic conditions in your area permit, you can plant squash in the open ground ( without seedling method). Prepare the garden bed for growing zucchini.

Make holes at a distance of about 90 cm from each other. Pour each hole well with warm water. (30C-35C). To each well in the middle of the plant one sprouted seed to a depth of 2-3cm.

Place the zucchini growing in the open ground should be warm and Sunny. Courgettes can be sown in different parts of the garden where there is room for 2-3 plants.

Before the emergence of the beds you can hide the film. Courgettes need regular watering. Don’t forget about loosening the surface, not to hurt the roots, and feeding with fertilizers.

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