Growing watermelon from seed preparation for sowing

watermelon seeds

Watermelon production begins with the preparation of seeds for sowing.

It should be done carefully to destroy fungal diseases and weed out unsuitable.

In addition, the germination will be more friendly. For getting rid of fungi, the seeds during the week you can hold in the sun or heated up to 50 ° C, but only dry if they are wet, up to 30°C.

Then we need to reject unfit, by placing them in water for 30 minutes, those who have surfaced are removed. The next step is awakening the seeds after «hibernation».

For them is prepared «bath», water heated to 60°C in which to place seeds of watermelon.

In the water they should be located to naklevyvaniya, more water to heat is not necessary, it should be at room temperature.

Or seeds from late winter, stored next to the radiator, and for 3-4 days before sowing, carry out the disinfection procedure.

In a bowl of wood ashes, pour the room temperature water and let it infuse for 12 hours, periodically stirring it.

As we already know, before the cultivation of watermelon, the seeds need to be decontaminated. So we on for 10-15 minutes immersed in a solution of potassium permanganate (dark).

Wash under running water and drop in a container of the present solution. After 12 hours seeds prepared for planting, just dry.

The timing of sowing depends on weather conditions. If the soil in the garden at the cottage is warmed to

growing watermelons

16°C, it’s time.

If you do not have a shortage of seeds, do not skimp, put into each well for 7-8shtuk, the results of the stairs will leave the best. Sowing depth 6-7cm.

If you grow watermelons under the film, sowing depth 2-3 cm.

Under cover, the moisture evaporates, and the shoots appear early. The distance between the holes of 1 meter.

The soil under the watermelon must be friable, moist, after planting be sure to pour the hole with warm water.

Generally these plants love sandy soil, but if occasionally loosened, the crop also will make you happy.

With the right cultivation of watermelon seedlings appear 7-8 days. To improve the root system, the appearance of the 5th leaf, shoots up, and the soil carefully podrujit.

Sprouts have become high, the covering material can be removed or higher. Remember, this culture loves the heat and does not like rain, so it is better if they will always remain under the shelter.

If climatic conditions in your region are far from ideal for growing watermelons, then when you reach the fruit 8-10cm in diameter, the main whip better Presidnet, since the second ovary hardly Mature, and force yourself to take many.

All side is also better to remove. Under the fruit can be put fanerku foil to all sorts of worms, especially wireworms were not trying to try them out before you.

To position them better stalk up. If you want to grow a good crop do not allow next to the watermelons were a weed, they are harmful to melons.

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