Growing tomatoes on the balcony

Growing tomatoes on the balcony

You can just envy the owners of summer cottages, and you can be a gardener, not leaving the apartment.

For example, tomatoes are natives of the subtropical latitudes can be grown on the balcony or loggia.

Well if they are glazed, greenhouse conditions are optimal for growing tomatoes on the balcony.

The main thing is to care for culture and to find suitable varieties of tomato.

Varieties of tomatoes for growing on the balcony

Among the «domesticated» varieties of tomato are stunted, and where growth is unlimited.

On the balcony is recommended to plant early varieties, but can be grown and the mid.

If you properly care for tomatoes, you can harvest not only the table, but also for pickling.

For indoor conditions, breeders have created many varieties. Look at some of them:

• Balcony miracle. This variety is a compact Bush tomato bred especially for fans of balcony growing. The fruits of his small aromatic-sweet. Refers to the early cultures. Nice to take root in the open ground.

• Swallow. Also early variety refers to the plant giants. Selectively grown for greenhouse conditions. Resistant varieties of tomatoes to some diseases (ant and tobacco mosaic).

• Almeria 905a. This early variety is good in salting. It largely used for open ground, but the balconies also gives good yields.

• De Barao. It is already middle-grade. He has subtypes depending on the color of the fruit (red, orange, black).

But the most popular in recent time began to use varieties that are intended only for indoor or balcony growing.

• Medium (up to 50 cm in height): Balcony charm, Japanese potted Bonsai.

• Standard, does not exceed 35 cm: Pinocchio, Minibel.

• Basket, tomatoes for growing on the balcony in hanging baskets: Peruvian homemade, cherry tomatoes, Yellow pear.

Growing tomatoes on the balcony

But to grow at home tomatoes are not easier than in the open ground. Thus it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the host culture. Indeed, in many ways the yield of tomatoes depends on sufficient light.

Requirements to

Tomatoes need lots of light. And, then, the balcony should have a southern exposure (South-East, South, South-West). But, on the other hand, in the intense heat of the bushes should be covered from the scorching rays of the sun.

If loggia closed type high temperature air are not a comfortable environment – the greenhouse effect is only useful at the optimum temperature (20-25ºC). With a large overheating the tomatoes may stop producing.

Soil mix

For growing tomatoes on the balcony need a slightly acidic soil. At high pH level in the soil should add lime or chalk.

Before you sow the seeds in the soil adds a mineral: superphosphate, urea, sulfate of magnesium and potassium.


It is impossible to prevent waterlogged soil. In the first stage of development of the maximum irrigation, during flowering is the minimum.

Transplanted to a permanent place Bush watered as needed – as

Growing tomatoes on the balcony

only starts to dry out the soil.


Despite the fact that the balcony tomatoes – self-pollinating culture, plants need at home assistance.

Therefore, it is necessary from time to time gently shake the bushes. Contributes to the pollination of tomatoes and air movement on the balcony.

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