Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

The tomato is a native of subtropical countries.

So loves the warmth – for normal fruiting it needs a minimum temperature of +22°C.

But heat can also affect the reduction of yield.

So spoiled vegetable can be called a «hothouse plant».

What it actually is in many regions of Nechernozemie.

But the people of the South prefer it to the private method of growing culture, as in a heated greenhouse you can get 2 turns with the crop.

Seeding tomatoes in the greenhouse

Sowing of tomatoes depend on their varieties: tall — a little earlier than undersized. The first batch of seeds lay in early January.

For the second turnover of the crop of seeding in the soil occur in the first week of April.

Planting material should be prepared: disinfected, washed and fueled. Tomato seeds are sown in the planting boxes by the grooves.

The ground is well moistened, and a box covered by a transparent film or glass. This shelter will need to be removed when the first seedlings.

Requirements to the soil for growing tomatoes in the greenhouse

Tomatoes suitable moderately acidic soil or loam and superchance. For planting seeds, you can use ordinary garden soil.

Pre-enrich it with mineral fertilizers with low nitrogen content.

Transplanting tomato

Transplant tomato seedlings to a permanent place performed when the first buds. For lionistic varieties first turn is usually the beginning of March.

Undersized transplanted a month later. The second turnover grade does not matter – all seedlings planted in the first week of July.

The land must be well moistened to a pasty state. Depending on the variety of tomato chosen method of landing of plants:

Tall bushes are planted in furrows sloped up to the lower leaves. Undersized vertically in the hole, suglobov until the cotyledon leaves.

Modes of cultivation of tomato

Naughty tomatoes are very sensitive to changes modes. Greenhouse tomato cultivation is the best way to create good conditions for the culture.


Tomatoes need lots of light to give good yields. So you have to use supplementary lighting, extending the day length: until «loops» around the clock, for seedlings – up to 14 hours, during fruiting – at least 10 hours a day. This can be achieved by fitolamp or luminescently.


Since the tomatoes are grown in greenhouses, have to constantly adjust the humidity.

At different stages of culture it must be different: the germination of seeds, the maximum, during the flowering of tomato is minimal.


You must make sure that the ground under the tomatoes was constantly moist (but not waterlogged!).

The frequency of watering tomatoes is dependent on the temperature in the greenhouse (the higher – the more often).

Temperature mode

The temperature in the greenhouse is also adjusted depending on the phase of development of tomato.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

After opening the box of seedlings is necessary to reduce the temperature to +10°C (so they are not sharply started to grow).

After 3 days the temperature gradually increased to 22°C by day and +12°C at night.


Mandatory condition for the cultivation of tomato is the ventilation of the greenhouse. But drafts should not be.

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