Growing strawberry seedlings from seeds

growing strawberry seedlings from seeds

Very sorry, but with the annual preparations for the summer season, it becomes increasingly difficult to find good varieties of strawberries.

This is due to the fact that the number of quality nurseries recently greatly reduced, but the charlatans who sell poor quality planting material, unsuitable for cultivation, has increased significantly.

To obtain good quality strawberry seedlings can grow it from seed.

This method is available not only for experienced gardeners, but novice gardeners and horticulturists.

A packet of strawberry seeds can be purchased in a specialty store, it cost no more than 70 rubles. Through the peculiarities of different varieties, instructions included.

Growing strawberry seedlings from seeds

Will share their experiences. To grow strawberry seedlings beginning in early March, trying to stick to the lunar calendar.

Before sowing the seeds always germinated, as the germination is different. To do this, put a cotton cloth wrapped in four layers on the bottom of the saucer, moistened with a little water to the soaked rag, and the excess is drained.


Lay out seeds, and place capacity inside plastic bag. After that, put a saucer on the battery.

For growing seedlings of strawberries of several varieties, use a few saucers that sign.

When three years ago, started to plant strawberries and strawberries, every day examined sprout seeds, in fact just once in two days. If necessary, moisten the cloth.

On average, after 20 days, the seeds begin to naklevyvaniya. Hatched seeds can be planted in prepared boxes. Other dosagebuy as naklevyvaniya.

If in a month the seeds of strawberries or strawberries have not gone into growth, so they are not fit, throw them out. Soil for growing seedlings of strawberries, too pre-prepared.

Garden land one-to-one mix of compost or humus. To destroy infectious fungi and pests spend the heat treatment.

For this land is poured in a pan and put in the oven for two hours, put the temperature at 120°C. an easier way to buy ready-made soil mix in the same store, where the seeds to cook is not necessary.

In boxes is filled with a soil, it is well humidified and press the hand. On the surface lay hatched seeds at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other. Cover with soil, a layer of about 1-1,5 cm, and covered with a plastic bag.

Before the emergence

growing strawberry seedlings from seeds

it is better to keep in a dark place. During the week you should see sprouts, in this period may have once watered.

If the amount of planting material is small, you can use disposable cups. With the emergence of seedlings of strawberries, the tape removed and put the box under fluorescent lamp.

For growing need to provide a daylength of about 18 hours a day. Distance from the seedling to 50cm lamp, and the power of 30W.

At occurrence of 3-4 true leaves, seedlings dive strawberries in peat pots.

With the onset of Sunny and warm days on the day put the pots on the balcony in the evening I bring.

After 20 may produce a landing on the suburban vegetable garden in the open ground.

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