Growing sorrel in the country

Growing sorrel

Those who do not have his piece of land, jealous of the cottagers, they have the ability to grow in the beds of early vegetable products rich in vitamins.

One of these cultures is the sorrel is a perennial with leaves rich in minerals.

Growing sorrel in one place usually is carried out for 4 years.

The culture of low maintenance and could develop independently.

But if you do not observe agronomic practices, sorrel very fast running wild, which affects the instability of the crop.

Requirements to the soil

For the cultivation of sorrel suitable soil even with a low degree of fertility. But you should avoid alkaline lands. The optimal solution will be loam and superchance.

Sorrel grows well on peat lands, only the pre-ground will have to be drained.

If the area ground water table is very close to the surface under cultivation of sorrel is desirable to make ridges.

The soil must be prepared, making the autumn of fertilizer: organic (manure) and mineral (phosphorus and potassium).

Features seeding

Sorrel cottage can be sown in 3 parts:

  • In the spring the seeds are sown for getting a summer crop. And though sorrel relates to cold-resistant culture, the garden is better to cover agroplanas.


  • Summer sowing is carried out on the vacant beds after the harvest of lettuce, radish, onion. Unwanted predecessor rhubarb.


  • Podzimny sowing is carried out around November (that sorrel did not have time to germinate before the frost). In this case, the crop is ready to harvest in early spring.

At any time of seeding should be shallow (about 2 cm). The soil in the garden after planting to seal.

Vacationers note

Growing sorrel in the country does not require special attention. But novice gardeners some points you should take note.

  • The most useful is sorrel spring planting – the maximum percentage content of oxalic acid. Growing sorrel


  • Preparing the soil for planting sorrel, it is impossible to liming.


  • If the culture affects the pest (leaf beetle, aphids, Sawfly), pesticides cannot be used until harvest.


  • Before you collect sorrel, flower bed weed necessarily.


  • The main condition for growing sorrel – high humidity.


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