Growing shiitake mushroom at home

the cultivation of mushroom shiitake

The shiitake mushroom the Japanese use for medicinal purposes, it is believed that it helps to prevent cancer and removes bad cholesterol from the body.

That is why many gardeners interested in growing shiitake mushrooms at the cottage, at home.

In appearance, Japanese mushroom resembles a pig-face, but better.

Cultivation of shiitake mushroom

The interest for this crop is increasing as the cultivation of the shiitake mushroom is available to everyone and is not very difficult.

As a material for cultivation use wood beech, oak or chestnut crenate. Logging begins in early spring before Bud break, at this time in the barrel accumulates the most amount of useful minerals for the cultivation of shiitake mushroom, and bark tightly to the wood, which reduces the probability of formation of harmful fungi.

You need to cut down the tree and to withstand a month and a half. Then harvest the wood about a meter long. Optimal trunk diameter of 10-25cm.

Sowing the dispute is carried out in sawn slots or holes on the sides of the wood. Propyl, make up half of the diameter of the log.

To inside did not get an infection, the place of sowing of close film. For growing mushrooms siide, Pauline seeded with spores are placed, and the top covered with a layer of peat. Periodically watering is necessary. With sufficient humidity and a temperature of 25°C mycelium begin to grow.

The first harvest will only appear in the next summer season, since the summer till autumn. Three years later, fruit Polina, stop watering, kept for 2 months in a dry place, and then again put them on the street, where the cultivation of shiitake mushroom.

As you can see obtaining a Japanese mushroom in the country is not difficult, although the yield of course, by and large, depends on the weather conditions of the season. On average with this method of growing shiitake crop is not more than 15% by weight of the block of wood.

There is another method of growing Japanese mushroom, it is safer, but more difficult and expensive. For this method, the substrate is prepared from chopped straw, sawdust of deciduous trees and rice bran, all in equal conditions.

To this substrate is added to potato, soy, corn flour at the rate of 0.5% of the total weight and the same amount of slaked lime. The humidity is adjusted to 70%, that is 1 kg of the mixture has 0.7 liters of water. Stir everything thoroughly.

Before the cultivation of shiitake mushrooms, the substrate is maintained at 60°C. for a day. After cooling the mixture in it add disputes and are laid out in plastic bags.

More than 10kg of the substrate in one bag, put not recommended. On the sides of the apertures 3-5 cm, with a diameter of 5mm. and the neck tie.

The temperature should be maintained about 15°C. two months at

the cultivation of mushroom shiitake

the surface should appear white spots and the substrate to harden. Now bags need to be sprayed with water, the temperature increases to 18°C and the humidity to reach 90%.

You must also create additional lighting, the light day should be 12 hours. Besides the necessary forced ventilation, as produced gases inhibit the development of fruiting bodies. Fruiting Japanese mushroom occurs in waves. In the first wave appears to 70% of the harvest in the second 25%, then there are only a few instances.

With this method of cultivation of the shiitake mushroom, the yield is about 20% by weight of the substrate.

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