Growing seedlings – daily care

the cultivation of seedlings

Some gardeners even calculate the date when to start growing seedlings, others already see the first shoots.

The tender shoots of tomatoes and peppers delight the eye and provide a Foundation for a good harvest this holiday season.

Of course, while giving more away, and wait for the germination of all seedlings is just the start of growing seedlings.

Now our task is creation of comfortable conditions, and daily care, to planting in the greenhouse or the open ground we grew up healthy and strong plants.

Proper cultivation of seedlings

Waiting for the germination of seedlings, the plant boxes, put in the prepared, well-lighted place (if necessary, equipped with additional lighting) on a window sill facing South, in a warm loggia, and so on.

The ambient temperature should not exceed 15-17°C during the day and 12-15°C at night.

In 6-7 days it is possible to increase about 4 — 5°C. For heat-loving crops (eggplant, peppers, etc.), temperature can be increased to 23-25°C.

Watering when growing seedlings should be moderate, not to pour plants. Complete drying of the soil is also not acceptable. Water room temperature water every 3 days.

The appearance of the seedlings with 2-3 leaves, hold the picks (Seating). Age dive seedlings in vegetable crops occurs in a different period.

The cabbage and tomato leaves appear faster than pepper (about a month).

To proceed with the transfer should not like to hurry all this can lead to long healing plants they will get sick and poorly developed.

Some gardeners do not dive seedlings, although to carry out this procedure it is desirable, as after planting plants form a more powerful and extensive root system, and therefore grown seedlings will be more hardy and less prone to diseases. It affects not only the quantity but also the quality of the future harvest.

After the pick, the first days do not disturb the seedlings, she needs her rest.

the cultivation of seedlings

After you notice that the plants started to grow, they can be fed a solution of mineral fertilizers.

In 1 liter of water dissolve 0.5 g urea, 1.5 g of potassium sulfate, 3.5 g of superphosphate, but only if the soil mixture is poor, or the seedlings will have an unhealthy appearance.

2 weeks before planting in the greenhouse or on a site of constant growth, the need to conduct hardening of the plants. When growing seedlings this procedure is required.

In Sunny warm weather set drawers in the fresh air, every day gradually increasing the time spent plants on the street.

The most common mistakes in growing seedlings

Excessive watering leads to fungal disease «black leg», and young seedlings will die.

Poor lighting will result in pulling of seedlings and small leaves. Place the growing seedlings must have adequate lighting. You can use advanced fluorescent lamps.

Too high ambient temperature and perekopki fertilizers cause seedling becomes elongated, and wide internodes, leaves simply cannot keep up with rapid growth.

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