Growing pumpkins

growing pumpkins

For growing pumpkins have special significance to high yields is soil type, plot selection, crop rotation and some requirements.

To grow a pumpkin you can seedling method in cold regions, and no seedlings with warm climatic conditions.

Favourable for development of the pumpkins are medium loam soil, non-acidic and rich in organic matter.

The selected area for growing pumpkins need to be protected from the wind, and to be Sunny.

Very well if the selected plot in the garden to the pumpkin grew cabbage, potatoes, onions, root crops.

Before planting pumpkins, it is desirable to prepare the ground. To do this, under perekopku add 1m. kV one bucket of rotted manure.

If clay loam, heavy put in each hole 3-4 handfuls of rotted sawdust, pretreated with urea. In acidic soil, ash, make two cups at 1 m

For growing large pumpkin select seeds. After that, they need to prepare for landing. Before sowing pumpkin seeds are good to sprout, soak at a temperature of 20-22C.

Do not put a pumpkin very early, the earth must warm up to 12C. Planting depth of approximately 4-6 cm.

Wells for growing pumpkins placed at a distance of one meter from each other. After planting, the holes need to cover the film.

After emergence, the film can not be removed, and make it to the cut. Pumpkin will creep over the film, the soil temperature will be several degrees higher.

Pumpkin does not tolerate transplanting, so if the seedling method of growing pumpkins, it is necessary to sow the seeds in peat pots size 10 for 10 or more.

Planted seedlings pumpkins in a pot once established the weather and will have 2-3 true leaves. When growing pumpkins, you need to conduct artificial pollination, such as when growing zucchini.

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