Growing potatoes in straw

growing potatoes in straw

Techniques and methods of growing potatoes many, but not all may be suitable for site-specific for soil characteristics.

So the gardeners go to numerous experiments and used a variety of technologies.

One quite successful method will be discussed in this article – «growing potatoes in straw«.

This method of potato cultivation, was tested more than once, and each summer season with the accumulation of experience and increased yield.

So, those who enjoy this technology, you can try to grow potatoes in straw.

In the fall, as usual, preparing the ground for potatoes, that is made of fertilizer and cultivator of land perekidyvaetsya.

Of fertilizers: manure, compost, etc. In the spring, immediately before planting, from the edge of the field stepping back two feet, and beat the peg. From the pull rope on the other side of the site.

After that, on both sides of the rope make a hoe a hole in a checkerboard pattern, to a depth of 10cm. and at a distance not less than 30cm. On the bottom put straw or hay, a layer of about 5cm.

Growing potatoes in straw, will protect in the rain from damp and dry summer will help retain moisture.

For early harvest, for planting, you can use a sprouted potato. From the top, add half handfuls of compost and wood ash. After that sprinkle the earth.

All one garden bed is ready, you can proceed to the next. The distance between the stakes should not be less than 140cm., then to care for the bushes will be easier and they are less susceptible to diseases.

Growing potatoes in straw is relatively fast, so the first shoots appear to the time when the threat of frost has not yet passed.

With the advent of the seedlings spend the first hilling. If necessary, this operation is carried out several times until weather.

Subsequent processing is carried out with a shovel, thus, it is possible

growing potatoes in straw

nagresti high ridges, and the edges of beds to comply with the grooves that in the hot summer, you can direct the hose to water your potatoes. The more you comb, the better will be the harvest.

Potato growing in straw allows you to get a good harvest in almost all weather conditions. At the same time, I like that the tubers are flat and large, with no cracks or rotten spots.

With the right approach, first the potatoes, you can dig up by the middle of June.

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