Growing petunias from seeds and cuttings

growing Petunia seeds

Petunias, a very beautiful and popular flowers among gardeners.

Increasingly, in the cottages there are various types of these flowers, and this is not surprising, because the growing of petunias are not particularly difficult and the plant itself is not very fussy.

Grow them in open ground and in a pot or other container. These flowers are propagated by seeds and cuttings.

For open ground more suitable shrub forms with small flowers that can recover quickly after rain.

At home on the balcony very well will feel the double varieties of these plants, of course you at the cottage, but they must be protected from precipitation.

In hanging pots well will grow – ampelnoe petunias.

growing petunias from cuttings

They bloom profusely and tightly, as the regrowth begins to droop down.

The technology of growing petunias

Receive flower seedlings from seed is possible if they will be of good quality, so buy petunias for growing better known and trusted manufacturers.

Also note that the varieties meet the requirements to the external environment, colours and sizes of plants.

For growing petunias, you need to pick the soil is made on the basis of peat with the necessary micronutrient content and the desired acidity.

The soil mixture must be decontaminated from pests and diseases.

If you will be growing petunias from seed, you need to get boxes of seedlings, with a height of less than 10cm.

Petunias perennials, but because of our climatic conditions in winter the plant can’t, so there are two options, either every year to grow from seed or propagate their favorite instance, that he wintered at home. Adult bushes indoors suffer worse young.

Growing petunias from cuttings

Rooting for these colors, is cut from the Bush stalk. You need to choose a twig with two internodes. Cut off the stalk of Petunia, drop buds and flowers.

Then sprayed the cut kornevina, can be planted in the prepared capacity. After 3-4 days in a dim place Petunia let the roots.

The ideal temperature for winter storage 14-16S, protected from light. In early February, it is advisable to make nitrogen-containing fertilizer, and put on the windowsill. As regrowth of shoots, they can be cut for cuttings.

Cuttings petunias, as well as summer, plant in a container and put under the lamp for 15-16hours a day. Distance to lamp about 20cm.

Fallopian Bush don’t forget to feed, it will form new shoots, which will go to the cuttings of Petunia.

Growing from seed Petunia

At the end of January in boxes, pour the prepared soil mixture. Then done shallow grooves and a well shed, lay thin strips of paper napkins.

On these strips, lay the seeds of Petunia, so they do not get lost in the ground. Top to spray the seeds and lightly sprinkle the ground.

Box cover with a dense and transparent film and put under a fluorescent light at 20 ° C 2nedeli Petunia seeds germinate.

After emergence of the seedlings, remove the film and reduce the temperature to 16C. After the appearance of the 3rd leaf, Petunia need prorogate. With the watering it is advisable not to overdo it 1raza in 3days is enough.

When seeds of Petunia appears stronger plants, they should be thinned. After the departure of frost, plants can be transplanted to a permanent place.

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