Growing Petunia at home

Growing petunias

Unpretentious Petunia is a leader among the flowers adorning the window sills, balconies, love her, and gardeners.

Alone its flowers are similar to gramophonic not pretend to be the first beauties, such as roses.

But garlands of lush flowering plants, cascading from pots, very effective.

Especially the beautiful double cascade varieties. However, Terry flowers become unattractive, if they are exposed to raindrops, therefore, for the design of flower beds garden using varieties of petunias with simple flowers.

In order to accelerate and extend the flowering Petunia in home grown seedlings. Thus, garden and balcony flowerbeds longer pleased with her beauty.

Seeds of petunias are sold in their natural form and in granules. Regular seeds size smaller than poppy seeds, so you need a lot of care and attention when planting.

Pelleted seeds are more expensive than usual. The advantage of granules is that easier to work with, since the casing makes the seeds larger.

Another positive point is that the shell of the dissolution is additional nutrition for the germinating seeds.

Sowing in the home can be carried out from February to mid-March. Later sowing is not recommended, as it takes a long time to wait for flowers and seedling production is meaningless.

For planting, use any containers: boxes, food containers, pots. Importantly, the packaging was clean and it had holes to drain excess water from irrigation. The soil should be fertile and neutral.

For looseness in her add sand. Substrate is sifted and disinfected by heating in the oven. You can pre-shed the ground with boiling water and cover it with something to make it longer warm.

Soil mixture poured into the container, leveled and lightly compacted. On the surface, which distribute the seeds, then carefully pour in a spray bottle.

For more even sowing it is advisable to mix the seeds with a little sand. Capacity is covered with a transparent cover until germination and put in a bright warm place.

To Neklinovskiy the germs are not killed, the soil surface should always be wet enough. However, for seedlings to excessive humidity are also dangerous – they can rot and die.

So landing every day open for ventilation.

It is a photophilous plant, therefore, Petunia is at home in need of illumination, continues a short winter day. Otherwise, the seedlings will have unhealthy pale appearance and elongated.

The pick is carried out upon appearance of the third leaf, choosing the best plants.

Growing Petunia at home

Granular basket of varieties of seeds can be sown directly into pots, then there is no need for swordplay.

Also for planting granules are convenient to use peat tablets, gaining volume when immersed in water.

The swollen tablets are placed on the surface of seeds put on a wide plate or tray and cover with foil until germination of Petunia.

When the seedlings appear the third sheet together with peat-based plant in a larger container or directly in pots.

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