Growing mushrooms at home

Growing mushrooms at home

The process of growing mushrooms at home requires a lot of patience and skills.

But if you follow the instructions on the cultivation, the harvest the long wait is not necessary.

If you compare the process of growing mushrooms, for example, with oyster mushrooms, to grow them at home much more difficult.

The room in which to grow mushrooms must meet certain requirements, or rather, it should have high humidity and be cool. For this purpose, ideal for cellar or basement.

There are several ways using which you can grow mushrooms at home.

Growing mushrooms at home

The first way is that they are grown in the warm season. The warm period in the region where the planned cultivation of mushrooms, shall be not less than 6 months.

This method is suitable in order to harvest even in the open garden. But then you need to provide additional shelter.

The second method will allow you to grow mushrooms at home under plastic wrap. Using this method a crop of mushrooms will be ready in the year of planting.

The main feature of this method is the lack of contact with soil and fungi essential protection from sunlight.

A good solution in this case will be the application attached to the house greenhouse. Best of all it is located near the North side of the building.

Crop of mushrooms can be obtained in the city. But to do that, you will need to equip the room (basement or cellar) and install the shelving of the greenhouse system.

To plant grain the mycelium in the ground by digging grooves whose width is about 60 cm and depth 30 cm

The bottom groove is covered with a drainage material. The thickness of the drainage layer not exceeding 10 cm.

Next, you can start laying the prepared and compacted compost. A few days after the temperature returns to normal, laying the mycelium.

For a good harvest at home, the important role played by the quality of the material used. For this reason, it is better to buy from reliable suppliers of specialized packaging.

Further, in the compost you need to make a hole and putting a mycelium. On top of all you need to cover with compost and lightly stamp down.

With the support of a favourable environment for the growth about a week to become visible strands of mycelium.

In 3 weeks need to have another procedure. On top of the compost should be put to 3-inch layer of damp earth.

Growing mushrooms at home

Its composition should include the following components: chalk, peat and turf soil. Further, it is important to monitor the optimal conditions for growth.

At the stage when the mycelium is only growing, the air temperature should be between 22-28 degrees, and came to fruition – 16-18 degrees.

The first harvest can be carried out in 1.5 months.

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