Growing lilies in the flowerbeds in the garden

the cultivation of lilies

Lily is a resident of many gardens and flower beds.

I wonder what this flower is called extravagant beauty with a sweet temper.

And this description fits her.

Lily is a female name that speaks of unpredictability and mystery.

Approaching a woman immediately lose control she wants to have, but scared to make the first move. But behind all this extravagance is hidden very affectionate nature. Here are lilies.

Go look at them from afar — there are beautiful, unapproachable, stiff, important! And approach is that they are very light in communication, not very demanding and generous flowering!

You have decided to grow in the garden Lily? Then you should pay attention to a few details, following which the Queen of the perennials will always delight you and all who admire her.

  • Take Lily to a Sunny place. When Lily receives abundant sunlight, it blooms more plentiful. Besides, Lily is categorically not tolerate stagnant moisture — it can adversely affect it. Therefore, the soil should be nutritious, loose and to be in full sun.
  • The choice of bulbs for planting — this is very important. They should be no mold, solid, tight, no rotten scales and with the living, not dried, five-inch roots.


  • Planting a winter. You first need to carry out prevention. To do this, take a solution of fungicide and insecticide and etch them with planting material. Then soak the onions for thirty minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • The very planting is best done in the second half of August or in early September.
  • Planting bulbs should be carried out to a depth of twenty centimeters. And the distance should be from ten to twenty centimeters, depending on the size of the bulbs.
  • For better growth on the bottom of the planting pit, you can pour a small layer of river sand.
  • Late fall planting lilies should be mulched with a thin layer of compost or manure. Top the cultivation of lilies

    cover with spruce branches, and in the spring to clean it up.

  • With the loosening it is necessary to be careful. It is best to do it when the lilies rise.
  • Weeding and moderate watering is necessary to maintain throughout the season.
  • High varieties of Lily it is necessary to tie to the support.
  • Feed should be at least three times per season — ammonium nitrate, complex fertilizer and ash.
  • At the end of the season the flower stalks should be cut to ground level.
  • In one place grows the Lily for about five years. All this time, it is necessary to look to keep her comfortable and her stay was comfortable.

It turns out Lily cultivation is not too difficult to do. So without large requirements, — your beauty will always remain the Queen of perennials!

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