Growing kohlrabi (Buchma)

growing kohlrabi

Kohlrabi although considered a cabbage, don’t look like her, thickening of the stem, somewhat similar to turnips in different directions sticking out cabbage leaves.

Many gardeners – gardeners, consider this new culture, although the history of its cultivation in Russia, lasted for several centuries.

Just before it was called «Bohme«.

This Buchma – kohlrabi and Kale, which tastes like the stem, only juicier.

Of course, credit it can be recorded and useful properties, especially for the elderly.

Growing kohlrabi

This cabbage is precocious but Moody. On the one hand does not like heat, optimum growth temperature of 16-18C, tolerates cold, but at 6S, you may go to the arrow and there will be no harvest.

Lack of moisture when growing kohlrabi, poor soil and acidic soil, will make you disappointed. Kohlrabi will quickly Zagrebel and will be inedible.Soil for growing kohlrabi is prepared like cauliflower, but to raise it in two steps.

That is, in the beginning of April at home to sow the seeds for seedlings, and in may planted seedlings in the open ground, in July harvest. And the second batch in may to plant in the soil, and harvest kohlrabi (Buchma) will be in August.

When planting in the open ground, the following conditions are met. The distance between plants 20cm and 35cm row spacing.

Need to be watered at least twice a week for one liter per plant. Kohlrabi does not keep long.

All the conditions of growing kohlrabi, and care for her starting from seed and ending with the Mature plant are the same as cauliflower. There are all described in detail.

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