Growing honeysuckle in a garden in suburban areas


Honeysuckle native to Siberia, so when choosing varieties, consider the climate of your region.Also do not forget the feature of this culture to produce a crop it is necessary to have 2-3 different varieties.

As honeysuckle after the winter before waking up, to plant the plant mainly in autumn.

Plus, this crop after planting for several seasons, generally may not rise and will just develop their root system.

Planting of honeysuckle and care

Choose a garden area protected from strong winds, but well lit. Environment it prefers neutral to acidic, the plant will be oppressed and not grow.

Well suited sandy loam and loam soils. Try to avoid planting honeysuckle in the hills and clabollenic.

This garden culture can not tolerate the neighborhood with various types of weeds, especially perennial, so try to get rid of them.

As already mentioned, to produce a crop it is necessary to have several varieties. The first season of fertilizers is not necessary, and do not need or stimulate the seedlings growth is the development of roots.

When planting honeysuckle root collar deepens into 4-5cm the Soil around must be well sealed.

At a distance of about 30-35cm. are bumpers, after which the landing site is well shed water and multimedia.

Seedlings are planted at a distance of 1.5 m from each other. Throughout the summer season honeysuckle abundantly watered, do not let the soil dry.

After planting the seedlings handled garden shears. Removed all the weak shoots and leave 5 strong, shorten by 1/3 of the length.

In the next 6 years, cut out only the damaged, dry twigs. After 7 years, the bushes need to rejuvenate.

It’s enough to cut all the branches to the ground, new ones will grow back very quickly. Starting with the second summer season, the honeysuckle is in need of fertilization.

In the spring


more give preference to the nitrogen fertilizers and potash and phosphate in the fall.

Do not forget about care: weeding, surface hoeing, watering.

Another feature of the honeysuckle fruits ripen together, it is necessary to collect several times in a season, also if the berries have perestali, easily shed.

To gather all the harvest can be spread out under a Bush a piece of cloth, and then she had to collect.

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