Growing grapes in Siberia

growing grapes in Siberia

Growing grapes in Siberia has its own characteristics, as the summer in this region is short and often cold for this crop.

The main difficulty lies in the cultivation of grapes in open ground, however, these difficulties with good care, you can cope and annually collect a good harvest.

Growing grapes in Siberia

Frosts in the Siberian region is harsh, with the temperature at -35÷ -40°C and lower, no surprise. Therefore, even the most hardy varieties that tolerate temperatures down to -35°C., should be well sheltered for the winter.

The first step for all growers in a zone of risky agriculture is the selection of varieties. The main criterion for this selection is the period of maturation, which is measured by the number of days from Bud break to full ripening of the grapes.

For Siberia suitable early varieties (115÷125dney), very early (105÷115dney) and very early preterm (less than 105dney). However, it should be noted that the period of ripening of the grapes depends on the number and duration of warm days, because in reality these figures may increase.

To use for the cultivation of late varieties has no meaning, they just do not have time to ripen and gain sweetness, most likely you’ll just be disappointed. Ask on the forums of growers which varieties of grapes are grown in your area that offer nurseries.

The second step relates to the decision of building a greenhouse for grapes or temporary shelter for the entire growing period. The closer to the North, the summers are less predictable. Spring can be prolonged, and the early autumn.

The likelihood of frosts in June, September is also high. Therefore, to grow a good crop of grapes in such conditions outside the greenhouse, is very difficult.

The greenhouse should be provided with a removable roof to the winter vines were securely covered with snow. The roof is required only on spring and autumn to protect the plants from frosts and winds.

For growing grapes in greenhouses you need to choose the dwarf and medium varieties. It is desirable to give preference to varieties with a high fruitfulness buds at the base of the Bush. To these belong: «Rusbal», «Galbena Nou», «Friendship», «Early Purple».

The attraction of these varieties is that almost any green shoot, even the growing of perennial wood at the base of the Bush, carries a bunch.

In case of any wrong doing (too short trimming) or failures (freezing, odobravanje buds on one-year increase) you will not remain without a crop. The formation of the vines in the first years after planting may be the same as in conventional farming.

Growing grapes in barrels

Very interesting technology of growing grapes, which is suitable for Siberian and Northern regions. The meaning is that the vines are planted in barrels. In winter, barrels in safe Harbor under snow or stored in the cellar, and in the spring removed and placed in a greenhouse.

In barrels of grapes are not afraid of the rainy season, however, often need to Deposit feeding. Perfect capacity for 65l. After about ten years the barrel can be cut and planted the bushes in the open ground.

Before planting the grapes you will drill in the bottom 30-40 holes with a diameter of 8-10mm and put a drainage layer (expanded clay, brick chips).

The remaining volume fills the fertile land. On hot days the barrel cover from the sun to heat, and the root system was not oppressed.

For growing in containers recommended varieties: «Dimon», «Talbina Nou», «Silga», «Cosmonaut», «Crystal», «early Black», «white Delight», «Madeleine selenium».

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