Growing grapes at home

growing grapes at home

For growing grapes in the home, suitable for potted varieties that are distinctly different from groundwater and have the features to clean.

Home to propagate grapes from cuttings is better.

Soil for planting grapes is prepared from 2 parts of sod land, 1 part humus and 1 part coarse river sand. Planting should be done in early March.

Cuttings prepared in advance. To do this, take 20-30 inch plants and the oblique way you put them in the box with washed coarse river sand.

The optimum temperature for rooting in the range of 20-25ºC. Quality cuttings should have 3-4 buds.

After rooting and emergence of young shoots with 5-6-th leaves of grape seedlings, careful not ustrahivaya roots planted in pots (preferably clay) or specially prepared boxes.

For young seedlings is enough 5 liter capacity, next year I will need to transplant the grapes 8-10 litre dish. For plants older than 5 years will approach 30 liter capacity.

After planting, the plants need a rest period of approximately 1.5 months. At this time, the temperature should be reduced (about 5°C). In this period, the pots can be removed in a basement or cellar.

After this period, put the pots in a Sunny window or warm loggia, and tie to the support.

Fruit grapes at home maybe 2 times a year, if artificially it is possible to create a rest period after fruiting.

This requires a room with low temperature, as mentioned above. Although of course the plants will develop better in one growing season per year.

The main condition for good fruiting and development – annual replacement of the soil in the containers. Carried out this operation in the following order. First, hold much water, then gently root system together with a lump of earth removed from the pot.

Most of the land should be separated, and dilute the rest with water. The plants are then placed in a container and covered with freshly prepared ground.

If your grapes are grown in large boxes, then complete replacement of the soil is sufficient to carry out 1 or 2 times a year, but the top layer still need to be replaced in the new year.

Growing grapes at home

In the spring, the grapes at home to rest rather spend watering warm (33-35°C) water. Also, daily spray the vines with warm water.

These actions violate the root system, thereby accelerating the swelling of the kidneys. Further moderate watering is carried out as drying of the soil.

After harvest, reduce watering in the dormant period, the earth also should not be dry.

The pooled water is used at room temperature or rainy. Pruning grapes is carried out in the autumn.

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