Growing from seed the Vietnamese

the cultivation of the Vietnamese

Unusual garden plants from Asia and got to our lands. MOMORDICA — a representative of the Cucurbitaceae.

Another name she is an Indian cucumber. The taste of this vegetable resembles a persimmon.

And the color of the ripe fruit of the same orange.

The cultivation of the Vietnamese is not difficult – the same technology as when planting any other vegetable crops.

The main thing – to purchase seeds, Indian cucumber and in advance (since the fall) to prepare a flower bed on the plot.

The cultivation of the Vietnamese

 Soil preparation

You should first determine the choice of locations for future planting. This culture does not like floodplain lowlands.

Therefore, to grow the MOMORDICA better on small bumps (or «smart» beds).

And since it is, after all, the cucumber culture, you have to create the conditions for the shaded area below the burning direct rays of the sun do not harm vegetable plants.

Fall on the bed make a mixture of fertilizer per 1 square meter ammonium nitrate, potassium chloride, superphosphate (1 tbsp) and half a bucket of fresh manure and humus.

Top dressing fertilizer is distributed evenly across the garden bed after the soil is it good perekidyvaetsya and baronets. You can also add sand (amount identify the soil condition) and, if necessary, a little lime.

The germination of the Vietnamese

The MOMORDICA grown from seeds that are harvested in the fall with ripe fruit. In this light, the seeds will immediately have to be postponed – they are immature and as a planting material is not suitable.

To cook Indian cucumber seeds for planting are required from the end of March. Nothing unusual in the process of germination not – it is, as with any traditional culture of our gardens.

The Vietnamese seeds are first disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate (in weak concentrations) and half an hour later set out in sawdust or wrapped in paper towel (toilet paper) or cotton.

This kind of «cocoon» we need to ublaziti honey solution (1 tsp of sugar per Cup of water).

Experienced gardeners recommend that on the second day the skin seeds the Vietnamese lightly sanded with a needle file (sandpaper, file). This will allow the sprout to arise early.

Grinded seeds again wrapped up and kept warm for 2 weeks. Be careful «packaging environment» was constantly moist (but not wet).

The cultivation of seedlings the Vietnamese

Until the moment when from the seeds of the Vietnamese appear sprouts, you need to prepare planting soil. Into each Cup (it is better to take peat), where the seedlings will be grown, spread a mixture of 1 part of turf, and 3 parts humus.

Immediately before planting the seed substrate should be slightly warm (simmering, for example, the radiator).

Every seed is deepened by 1.5-2 cm In this case they should be laid on edge. On top you need to cover with sand, water and cover or plastic wrap, or plastic bottle (greenhouse mode).

Water the soil every 2 days. From the moment when the surface will appear to Rostock, cover can be removed. Before planting in a bed of seedlings of the Vietnamese kept on the windowsill.

During this time the sprouts should be hardened (by opening from time to time Windows) and fed with fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium.

Outdoors Indian cucumber planted in June, keeping between the seedlings

the cultivation of the Vietnamese

a distance of 1 m. it follows Immediately installed in the garden and trellis, MOMORDICA very quickly turn into a vine.

Caring for plants (watering, feeding, primitiva), will at first observe measures of caution.

This vegetable crop until the first fruit is very «aggressive» — it burns cooler nettle.

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