Growing dahlias at their summer cottage

dahlias growing

Dahlias — it’s mostly perennial plants, tubers which keep cleared land in the cellar or in areas with temperatures close to it (0 to 7 degrees).

The only variety that is best planted as an annual, is a «Jolly fellows».

They undersized, very bright, unpretentious, bloom faster than other varieties 2-3 weeks.

Of course, inflorescences they are not as large as in most other dahlias, but in beauty they are not inferior.

Growing dahlias from seed, but better seedling method, if you want to see flowers in early July.Home seeds planted in early March in a special floral ground, because the flowers in it feel better.

Seedlings appear on day 6-8 or even later. The soil for the germination room temperature should be slightly moist constantly.

To plant the seedlings need at the end of may – beginning of June, when frosts have passed, because the seedlings can not withstand even – 1ºC.

You can plant and high curb lanes, and for edging flower beds, and as a design composition in the flower garden.

The distance between plants should be 20 to 40 cm, as «Jolly fellows» is a cluster of dahlias, and the bushes grow wide with numerous buds.

If high grades not withstand the autumn frosts, «Jolly fellows» autumn light frosts to -3 stand firmly and even continue flowering.

Their seeds harvested and planted for next year. Best germination is 1-2 year old seeds.

Other cultivars it is better to plant divisions of tubers. As soon as the tubers appear small up to 5-7 cm seedlings can be planted in the ground.

Weather conditions should be up to this time no frost. Bury the tubers in the ground to the level of germs at a distance of 40-60 cm around and make a small depression for water(2-3 cm).

The place you can choose lit or slightly dark. Then the blossoms will bloom faster and will be larger.

If the tubers have begun to sprout, and spring weather brings surprises, then you can put them in pots with soil or pots.

And when you will be assured of a warm forecast,


sprouted tubers are planted in the ground. To Bush was more lush, they need to pasynkovat after 5-6 leaves on the stems.

Leaving only 2-3 major strong barrel. During the summer, especially in the initial period, the flowers need to be weeded, because they do not like the soil contaminated with weeds.

If you are in the country the soil is not fertile or fertile layer is very small to see dahlias in all their glory, you need to feed the plants 2-3 times over the summer.

And in the autumn, without waiting for Morozov after cutting, cut the stem, leaving 15-20 cm near the roots.

Before placing tubers in storage, they should be dried, cleaned from the ground and put on the shelf in a dry place, cellar.

During the winter, the tubers need to check for and remove any rotten parts. A huge choice of varieties allows you to perform any fantasies of the flower – lovers and professionals.

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