Growing cucumbers on the balcony

Growing cucumbers on the balcony

This Culture is called «the plant bath climate» for her addiction to moisture and heat.

We are talking about such usual vegetable like cucumber. Grow it in any soil in open beds, in greenhouses and even on window sills and balconies.

Varieties for growing cucumbers on the balcony

Especially for home growing cultivars of this crop is not displayed.

But there’s a cucumber for protected ground. They are well suited for growing on the balcony, which is not quite appropriate humidity of the atmosphere.

With such varieties, even for inexperienced gardeners:

• PC-mini. It is early maturing cucumber of medium height. Bee pollinating Variety for the balcony is fine. But if you have to enter the apartment, you will need artificial pollination.

• Cuckoo. Good strain for any soil. When growing cucumbers on the balcony needs help in pollination in the first few months.

• Regatta. It is self-pollinated and early maturing variety. Besides, it is highly resistant to various diseases.

• The photon. Also suitable for growing on the balcony – gives a big yield and is resistant to powdery mildew.

• Miranda. Self-pollinated Variety of cucumbers with flowers of the female type. Early maturing and disease resistant.

Growing cucumbers on the balcony

Since the roots of cucumber in its structure fragile (though well developed), frequent transplanting should be deleted.

Or seeds are sown immediately in a container for a permanent «residence,» or seedlings are planted in greater volume in the same Cup, by cutting open the bottom.

Pot for cucumber bushes on the balcony needs to be a depth of not less than 25 cm Seeds are sown in 3 pieces in one hole. The distance between the holes is kept approximately 15 cm.

Lighting and location

For cucumbers on the balcony needs a large amount of light (but not direct sunlight). Even in summer, you will have to use additional lighting, securing on the balcony above the cucumbers fluorescent lamps.

Extend daylight hours have 4, and a gray – and even more. This supplementary lighting is especially important to be on the Northern and Western balconies.

The soil for cucumbers on the balcony

Cucumbers as a culture for open ground, not demanding on the soil. You can not say about «domesticated» vegetable.

For cucumbers on the balcony you will need a very fertile soil with good air permeability.

For planting seeds use a special soil enriched with humus and peat.

You can apply the mixture for fiber – sawdust, manure, peat, and turf. For grown bushes take the Mature compost with added peat and turf. This mixture is enriched with mineral fertilizers.


Cucumbers prefer moderate watering (as they say, «neither wet nor dry»). If there is excessive heat, young bushes are watered every other day, fruit daily, small portions of water. The water itself must be settled and quite warm (+25 ° C).


Among the varieties of cucumbers grown on a balcony, there is a self-pollinating, and require the intervention of insects.

The first is simple: you need only in the early stages of development. As

growing cucumbers on the balcony

a rule, at every grade grow male and female flowers.

It will be enough to disrupt one male and «walk» them for women. Bee pollinating varieties on this trick «not being».

Therefore, raise them only in the balconies of the open type, which will ensure the free access of insects to the plants.

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