Growing cucumbers in the open ground

Growing cucumbers in the open ground

This method of growing cucumbers provides for timely sowing, timely pinching and make the necessary fertilizers.

The plant likes heat but does not tolerate drafts, so the beds with cucumbers need to be placed in sheltered locations.

The land should be well lit and nutritious.

Preparation of cucumber seeds

Sort the seeds in salt solution (5 g in 180 ml water). The liquid from the seeds must be periodically stirred, then empty seeds will float, and the quality will fall to the bottom.

After that ass seed material is required rinse immediately with plenty of water. For disinfection of seeds used manganese solution (half Cup of liquid 1 C).

This solution is aged cucumber seeds about half an hour and well washed.

Before planting cucumbers in the open ground, the seeds need to soak in burlap for germination. This greatly speeds up the germination of young plants.

The spine should have a length equal to half the seeds. Germinated seedlings planted in open ground, if the temperature of the outer layer of the earth will exceed 12 degrees. Otherwise, the crops will rot.

Planting cucumber seeds in open ground

To improve pollination and yield of plants, better grown the different varieties of cucumbers.

Sprouted seeds are planted in two rows at a distance of about 30 cm and 4-6 cm to deepen the Groove you need to pre-watered.

On top of the beds to fill, peat or a mixture of manure, humus layer up to 3 cm.

This mulch helps the soil to warm up well, evaporation is reduced and prevent the occurrence of peel. As soon as the seedlings will be at the 2-3 leaf, cucumbers thinned.

Fertilizing cucumbers

Plants after thinning need to feed and podrujit around them soil. Feed the cucumbers with urea and potassium chloride (5-10 g per square) or NPK 10-15 gr.

When growing cucumbers in the open ground, many gardeners use yeast feeding. Fertilizer is better to make a liquid, and then the seedlings watered to wash away the remnants of the leaves feeding.

Watering cucumbers

Throughout the growing cucumbers in the open ground, the soil must be moist. For irrigation use warm water, because cold water the roots can rot, leading to death of the plant.

In hot weather cucumbers it is better to water in the evening, at the same rate per square meter should be equal to from 5 to 10 liters Every watering alternate with loosening the soil to a depth of 4 see more deep Cultivation can injure the root system.

Growing cucumbers in the open ground

Topping of cucumbers

This event accelerates the growth of side shoots, which give female flowers.

The stalk pinch out over a 4 or 5 sheet of cucumber of medium and late varieties.

The harvest

Cucumbers are harvested in the morning every two days, and if the mass fruiting, a day.

Scourge should not be lifted or to change their situation.

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