Growing cucumbers in the home

to grow cucumbers at home

How sometimes is not enough fresh cucumbers in winter.

The store don’t taste like homemade, the more is still unknown than their watered.

But to deal with growing cucumbers in the home isa good idea, especially because it is not so difficult.

And who is not a suburban area, you can do this all year.

It is worth noting that for growing cucumbers in the home will not suit every variety, especially in the winter. Better suited to winter self-pollinated hybrids.

They are known for their large leaves and strong vegetative growth. On the packet of seeds must be specified F1.

The most delicious and suitable for salads varieties: cuckoo, TAA-422, Stella, April, Debut, Hrubovcak, Cucaracha. Cucumbers have a light green color.

To grow cucumbers on a heated glass balconies or loggias, and also on the windowsill in the apartment. Party must be Sunny.

It is necessary to foresee everything, so there are no drafts, cold glass to insulate.

Natural lighting in the winter for growing cucumbers is not enough, so need to take care about artificial illumination.

For this fit an ordinary fluorescent lamp. The lamp will need to turn on in the morning and evening to light the day for the plants lasted for about 10-11 hours.

For growing cucumbers in the home good plastic buckets with a volume of 8l. you can Also use any utensils, and the amount is not less than 8 liters.

The soil can be prepared in the cottage and take you home. It should consist of 40%compost, 30% peat, 20% loam, and 10% sawdust.

Together with potting soil did not get diseases and pests, it is steamed. If you can not make the mixture yourself, then purchase it from a retailer.

For good growth of cucumbers in the mixture complex fertilizers. On the package of fertilizer calculations.

To grow cucumbers in the winter at home, seedlings or without seedling method.

to grow cucumbers at home

But in any case, the seeds to sow hatched.

Germinate them in a saucer in wet gauze at a temperature of 22-25°C. After the seeds germinate, sown in orthopedagogue pots, to a depth of about 2 cm, and sprinkle the ground without causing compaction.

When you see the sprouts it is transferred to a cooler place, so it is not stretched.

When the two true leaves, selected the required number of seedlings, the strongest and planted in a permanent place.

You can sow seeds immediately in a permanent capacity, in 3 pieces. Over time, weak shoots are rejected.

Next to the rest of the plant stick sturdy peg. Cucumbers are grown at a temperature of 21-23°C.

Watering is carried out to defend water at room temperature, as needed. The leaves need to periodically moisten with warm water from a spray bottle.

After the emergence 5th true leaf of the plant is tied to a peg.

All the unwanted stepchild, a mustache and a deformed ovary pinch, to make it freer, and the air does not stagnate. This reduces the risk of disease.

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