Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

The most popular vegetable in the family Cucurbitaceae cucumber is not only because of the taste but also medicinal properties.

This culture is thermophilic, so is grown outdoors everywhere. But thanks to the breeders to obtain yields of cucumbers has become possible in Northern regions on soils of closed type.

Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

In greenhouses not only grow cucumber seedlings, but also to give the opportunity to develop the culture before harvest.

In heated greenhouses, you can set the cyclic growing cucumbers, collecting the vegetables in 2-3 turns.

Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse

No matter is to grow the crop in the open or protected ground, we should start with growing seedlings of cucumber.

Seeds calibrate, warm up, sterilize and several hours before planting are soaked in a solution of fertilizer.

It is convenient to germinate seeds in pots with moist sawdust (steamed with boiling water). In each container are planted at 3 seed cucumbers.

After a week the seedlings and continue to grow until the advent of the 5th full leaf.

Ready the seedlings are removed from the pots, separated, and planted in boxes with the prepared soil.

Bury in the ground the bushes need to cotyledons, maintaining the distance between them so that the seedlings do not touch each other letters.

Soil mix for growing cucumbers

Cucumbers desired slightly acidic or neutral soil with a high content of humus (vermicompost). To achieve the desired soil acidity using lime or chalk.

Before planting in the soil of a seedling plot of substrate need to fertilize.

You can use fertilizer or concentrated to prepare the composition of superphosphate, urea and sulphate of magnesium and potassium.

Mode of growing cucumbers

To get a good crop of cucumbers in the greenhouse it is necessary to maintain optimum conditions: heat, humidity, and lighting.

The temperature regime. Throughout the whole period of growing cucumbers in a greenhouse the temperature should change. For sprouting seeds should be kept warm to +28°C.

For seedlings the optimum temperature of +22°C. in further cucumbers grow well and produce fruit in a greenhouse at day temperature of 21-22°C, night 18-20°C.

Humidityand. Cucumbers love moisture, so necessary in the greenhouse to maintain humidity in the range of 75-80% (by using special sprayers).

The land should not be dry. Watering cucumber in a greenhouse do not abundant but frequent, while the water temperature should be between +25°C.

The light mode. In the initial stage of cucumbers will be enough conventional lighting. But when cotyledons unfold, you would need more light.

This is done according to the scheme: first 3 days – day lighting; 2 weeks – 16 hours of light a day; then for 2 decades there is a gradual reduction to 12 hours a day.

Fertilizing cucumbers in the greenhouse

Fertilizing throughout the growing cucumbers in the greenhouse will have to apply different – for some seedlings to fruit-bearing bushes.

Fertilize the seedlings twice: 1 or 2 piece, and again after 10 days. Wherein the second feeding for the quantity should be doubled.

In the mineral water include nitrate, potassium sulfate, superphosphate, with the addition of poultry manure and mullein. Fertile Bush fed nitrogen-potash mixture every decade.

In addition, popular among gardeners fertilizing cucumbers yeast.

Pollination of cucumbers

Greenhouses are usually planted self-pollinating varieties of cucumbers that have both male and female flowers.

Growing cucumbers in the greenhouse

But that pollination was high quality, the plant will have to help, making the process manually.

On a week early sown variety-pollinator. And then, before the advent of major bushes female flowers on pollinators will bloom male flowers.

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